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The chief robotics officer is a new breed of executive charged with implementing automation and managing and measuring change throughout the organization. Whether or not you have the CRO title or are part of a team with this set of responsibilities, you'll find exclusive advice here.

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Logistics leader PLG is using the LocusBot. Locus Robotics Announces Reseller Partnership with JDA Software

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More than 7,000 Robots Will Work in Construction by 2025, Report Says Exoskeleton Market Projected to Reach $5.8B by 2028 Survey: Retailers Say Inventory Problems Could Be Solved With Robotics AI Workers — Are You Ready to Hire Them? AI for Logistics Leading to Lights-Out Operations, Says Fetch’s Melonee Wise

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Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Craig Salvalaggio's slide from Automate 2017 Applied Manufacturing Technologies Exec to Share Integration Advice in CRO Online Summit

On Dec. 5, Applied Manufacturing Technologies' Craig Salvalaggio will discuss considerations for businesses planning to adopt or expand automation. Here's a sneak preview.

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