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Robots are best suited to jobs that are too dirty, dull, or dangerous for humans. From utility line inspections and autonomous trucks to undersea exploration, we look at how robotics is used in this industry.

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Robotics & Geopolitics: World Problems, From Food to Crime, Get Robot Help Robotics & Geopolitics: World Problems, From Food to Crime, Get Robot Help

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UAS Research in Northern Greenland Opens Opportunities for Drone Business

UAS research in Denmark has supported deployment of drones to North Greenland for Arctic studies. The collaboration between university, government, and business partners is a model for European and international drone commercialization.

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Autonomous Glider Technology Advances Steadily

The quest to further explore the oceans and marine life, as well as natural and man-made disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, are all driving strong demand and increased production of a class of unmanned...

LaserMotive Offers Novel UAV Power Solution

LaserMotive is pioneering the use of laser power beaming systems, a technology that has the potential for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other types of applications. The privately held company, based in Kent, Wash., took top honors at...

For Boston Engineering, Robotics Deeds Speak Louder Than Words

For Boston Engineering, Robotics Deeds Speak Louder Than Words

Boston Engineering Corp. (BEC) resembles a number of smaller product and consultancy firms operating in the robotics arena. The privately held, Waltham, Mass.-based company was founded in 1995 by mechanical and electrical engineers as an engineering services firm offering end-to-end,...

Mobile Robot Power Solutions: Drivers for Development

Once cell phones became small enough to easily fit into a pocket, the market for them exploded. One key enabler was battery technology, which will also play a critical role in the growth of the mobile robotics market. The demand...

Hallin Marine Robotics Group Aimed at Nuclear Power Plants

Summary: Undersea industrial construction and maintenance company Hallin Marine is expanding on its success assisting with the decommissioning of the notorious Sellafield nuclear plant in the U.K. by spinning off its robotics division to accelerate development and to seek more...