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Robots are best suited to jobs that are too dirty, dull, or dangerous for humans. From utility line inspections and autonomous trucks to undersea exploration, we look at how robotics is used in this industry.

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European Swarm Robotics Develops Continent's Competitiveness, Awareness European Swarm Robotics Develops Continent’s Competitiveness, Awareness

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UAS Research in Northern Greenland Opens Opportunities for Drone Business

UAS research in Denmark has supported deployment of drones to North Greenland for Arctic studies. The collaboration between university, government, and business partners is a model for European and international drone commercialization.

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Bluefin Robotics Acquires Hawkes Remotes

Bluefin Robotics Acquires Hawkes Remotes

Bluefin Robotics, a provider of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in Quincy, Mass., has acquired the assets of Port Richmond, Calif.-based Hawkes Remotes Inc, a spinoff from Hawkes Ocean Technologies that develops remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Bluefin aims to add hybrid...

The French Nuke-Bot Arsenal

Like Japan, France is heavily reliant on nuclear energy. But unlike Japan, it has a fleet of robots that stand ready to tackle accidents at the country’s 59 nuclear plants. The Group of Robotics Intervention on Accidents (INTRA) is part...

Mining Riches Beneath the Sea

When it comes to mining our planet for vital minerals and ores, we've only scratched the surface. Literally. Untold trillions of dollars' worth of resources await beneath the ocean floor. Until now, extracting them economically was impossible. Robotics changes the...

Alternative-Energy Robots

Alternative-Energy Robots

Enter hydrogen fuel cells as a possible alternative. Based in Folsom, Calif., Jadoo Power Systems Inc. is one company that's already applying what is essentially off-the-shelf fuel-cell componentry to military robotic applications. Last year, the company, working with the U.S....

Global Robotics Industry Comes Back Strong in 2010

Global Robotics Industry Comes Back Strong in 2010

More than 115,000 industrial robots shipped during 2010, almost double the number of units sold worldwide in 2009, which was the lowest year since the early ’90s, according to a statement from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). “The prospects...

5D Robotics Standardizing Control Interfaces for Robotics End Users

5D Robotics Standardizing Control Interfaces for Robotics End Users

5D Robotics Inc. is among many companies attempting to gain a foothold in the robotics software market. The Carlsbad, Calif.-based company is developing a common framework that will allow some degree of standardization among robot platforms. The firm’s focus, however,...

Autonomous Glider Technology Advances Steadily

The quest to further explore the oceans and marine life, as well as natural and man-made disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, are all driving strong demand and increased production of a class of unmanned...