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Robotics & Geopolitics: AI Rivalry Encompasses U.S., China, and Canada; UN Proposes Global Drone Registry

The intensifying global robotics and AI rivalry includes Alphabet's warning that the U.S. should pay more attention to China, as well as Canada's first AI-driven ETF.

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Transactions Report: 3Q2016

Transactions Report: 3Q2016

In 3Q2016, neither Brexit nor roiling markets nor uncertainty on Wall Street could keep robotics from its appointed M&As, investments, and overall upward acceleration. Following the money In the East, China and Japan get the most attention when it comes to robotics...

Transactions Report: 2Q2016

Transactions Report: 2Q2016

Waiting for the right deal? In terms of robotics investments announced, signed, or closed during the second quarter of 2016, the transportation sector was No. 1, but for the really healthy investments, you had to look elsewhere. Transportation, which we...