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Robots in healthcare are becoming more widely used for moving supplies, dispensing medication, and conducting precise surgical operations. In addition, AI is helpful for diagnosis and interacting with patients. Prosthetics, human-machine interfaces, and assistive technology are also developing.

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Autonomous Wheelchair Grows From Robotics Kit, Personal Inspiration Autonomous Wheelchair Grows From Robotics Kit, Personal Inspiration

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British RAS Community Rallies Around Manufacturing, Logistics

The U.K. manufacturing and logistics sector has joined several events focusing on how British RAS can help improve efficiency and provide competitive advantage. However, can academic-industrial partnerships overcome the U.K.'s lag in industrial automation?

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Stroke Rehabilitation Market Fuels Continued Funding of Tibion

In March, I reported on a number of Boston-area robotics companies that had been recently funded by venture capitalists groups. I am happy to report that the good news continues on the robotics investment front. On July 14th, VentureBeat noted...

Aethon Automates Hospital Logistics

With little direct competition and the backing of the Bosch Group, the automated developer of healthcare facility delivery systems looks to expand business.

InTouch Health Positions Itself for Public Offering

InTouch Health, a developer of technologies that enable physicians to remotely perform real-time consults and diagnosis with hospital patients, recently raised $10 million in a private placement. $6 million of the funding came through Beringea, Michigan’s largest venture capital firm,...

What’s Up with Hansen Medical?

The story of Hansen Medical is a Silicon Valley cautionary tale repeated by various technology companies over the last few decades. Initial success and millions of dollars in venture capital funding often lead management to take shortcuts to maintain early...

IMRIS Continues to Build on Solid 2009 with NeuroArm Acquisition

IMRIS Inc. (TSX:IM), a provider of neurosurgical, neurovascular, and cardiovascular interventional suites that incorporate real-time imaging systems, continued a string of positive news with the acquisition of NeuroArm Surgical Ltd. (NASL), a privately held developer of magnetic resonance-compatible neurosurgical robot...

Vecna Throws Hat into Robotics Ring

Vecna has made inroads into the defense robotics market, but its QC Bot hospital courier and a repurposed medical version of its BEAR battlefield extraction and rescue robot have the best chance for commercial success in the near term.

Why Surgical Robotics Is Unstoppable

Why Surgical Robotics Is Unstoppable

Studies focused on the medical benefits of robotically assisted surgery abound. The sheer number of such articles, as well as the benefits that these studies highlight and quantify, portend a strong and growing market. However, other indicators, equally valid, also...

Touch Bionics Focuses on i-LIMB Hand, Upper Body Prosthetics

Summery: Scotland based Touch Bionics has released the first commercial fully-articulated artificial hand – the well regarded and award winning i-Limb. The product itself, which is the result of more than 20 years of R&D work, looks and acts like...