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Robots in healthcare are becoming more widely used for moving supplies, dispensing medication, and conducting precise surgical operations. In addition, AI is helpful for diagnosis and interacting with patients. Prosthetics, human-machine interfaces, and assistive technology are also developing.

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Robotic Surgery Market Grows Rapidly in Response to Disease, Technology Robotic Surgery Market Grows Rapidly in Response to Disease, Technology

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British RAS Community Rallies Around Manufacturing, Logistics

The U.K. manufacturing and logistics sector has joined several events focusing on how British RAS can help improve efficiency and provide competitive advantage. However, can academic-industrial partnerships overcome the U.K.'s lag in industrial automation?

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Robot Surgicals Soar Higher on Wall Street

A quick look at the numbers of surgeries performed annually in the US, especially who the patients are?most notably their age?is enough to hint at why investors are more than a little overjoyed with their new-found wonder stocks: Intuitive Surgical...

Dan Kara Shares MIT Panel on Healthcare Robotics

Dan Kara Shares MIT Panel on Healthcare Robotics

The MIT Enterprise Forum took up the quest to examine this new era in medical care, to provide a few answers to some of the biggest questions and to forecast a way forward during its Innovation Series Event: Robotics in...

Robotics Meets Synthetic Biology

Robotics Meets Synthetic Biology

In brief, Cyberplasm acts like an electronic nervous system with artificial ?nose,? ?eye? and other organs with mammalian cells. These cells with various detection functions can identify diseases easily. In fact, Cyberplasm imitates the very functioning of a real-world living...

Robots Harvesting Hair Follicles from Scalps

Robots Harvesting Hair Follicles from Scalps

Restoration Robotics? ARTAS System for robotically harvesting hair follicles easily succeeds at three key VC criteria: a unique product that's market ready in a growing market segment where quite possibly an IPO or acquisition is not far off. Other qualifiers...

ProPep Surgical Issued United States Patent for its Nerve Monitoring System

The ProPep Nerve Monitoring System is the first, real-time nerve identification system specifically designed for use during robotic surgery. The system aids a surgeon in identifying otherwise invisible nerves during minimally invasive robotic pelvic surgery. ?Currently, surgeons rely on anatomic...

MAKO Skirts Adverse Scrutiny

MAKO Surgical Corp., a medical device company, markets its advanced robotic arm solution and orthopedic implants for orthopedic procedures in the United States and internationally. MAKOplasty, introduced in 2011, is MAKO's patented RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, which is...