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Robots in healthcare are becoming more widely used for moving supplies, dispensing medication, and conducting precise surgical operations. In addition, AI is helpful for diagnosis and interacting with patients. Prosthetics, human-machine interfaces, and assistive technology are also developing.

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Adobe Stock Forecast Robot IDC Predicts $53B+ Market for Commercial Robots by 2022

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British RAS Community Rallies Around Manufacturing, Logistics

The U.K. manufacturing and logistics sector has joined several events focusing on how British RAS can help improve efficiency and provide competitive advantage. However, can academic-industrial partnerships overcome the U.K.'s lag in industrial automation?

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Why Surgical Robotics Is Unstoppable

Why Surgical Robotics Is Unstoppable

Studies focused on the medical benefits of robotically assisted surgery abound. The sheer number of such articles, as well as the benefits that these studies highlight and quantify, portend a strong and growing market. However, other indicators, equally valid, also...

Touch Bionics Focuses on i-LIMB Hand, Upper Body Prosthetics

Touch Bionics Focuses on i-LIMB Hand, Upper Body Prosthetics

Summery: Scotland based Touch Bionics has released the first commercial fully-articulated artificial hand – the well regarded and award winning i-Limb. The product itself, which is the result of more than 20 years of R&D work, looks and acts like...

Maxon Motors Microdrives Certified as Surgical Implants

Maxon Motors Microdrives Certified as Surgical Implants

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By passing the demanding ISO 13485 certification test, Maxon Motors’ microdrives are good enough for implantation in humans. Maxon Medical announced that it achieved in December an international certification that confirms the reliability of its microdrives. The company which is...