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Although the automotive industry has been using robots for decades, the rise of collaborative robots or cobots has made automation more flexible and useful to small and midsize enterprises. Multiple industries can benefit from adoption or expansion of automation, but only if they understand their own processes and needs and can work well with partners.

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Robots Hone Shaver Line at Philips

Robots Hone Shaver Line at Philips

Adept robots at the Dutch manufacturer are an example of how robotics can make factories more responsive to rapidly changing consumer tastes.

Advanced Manufacturing & the Factory of the Future

Advanced Manufacturing & the Factory of the Future

There is no room in future factories for the classic industrial robot that is caged or isolated from workers. The rising tide of consumer-driven customization in manufacturing requires flexible robots throughout the production process. Flexibility demands that robots quickly reconfigure...

NIST Develops Tests for Robotic Grasping

NIST Develops Tests for Robotic Grasping

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is working with an automaker and universities to develop consistent tests for manipulators and related software.