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Although the automotive industry has been using robots for decades, the rise of collaborative robots or cobots has made automation more flexible and useful to small and midsize enterprises. Multiple industries can benefit from adoption or expansion of automation, but only if they understand their own processes and needs and can work well with partners.

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Acieta Facts About Robots infographic Infographic: Robot Facts That Everyone Should Know

Busting myths and misconceptions about today's commercial and industrial robots.

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Maxon Adds Stronger DCX Motors, New GPX Gears

Maxon Adds Stronger DCX Motors, New GPX Gears

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maxon motor has released long versions of its 14, 16, 22 and 26 mm diameter DCX motors that offer higher continuous torque and higher continuous output power. maxon is also introducing four new GPX planetary gearheads.

Grabit Each Pick Gripper

Grabit Each Pick Gripper

Grabit's "Each-Pick" technology will allow the acquisition and transfer of unwrapped products of various shapes, sizes and weights. "Each-Pick" technology offers flexible and labor savings automated solutions in fulfillment centers and warehouses.