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Although the automotive industry has been using robots for decades, the rise of collaborative robots or cobots has made automation more flexible and useful to small and midsize enterprises. Multiple industries can benefit from adoption or expansion of automation, but only if they understand their own processes and needs and can work well with partners.

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End-to-End Robotic Manufacturing

End-to-End Robotic Manufacturing

As head of Worldwide Automotive Industry Solutions Operations for Delmia, Digital Manufacturing & Production, a unit of Dassault Systems, Shree Harsha has a front-row seat on an industry that’s rapidly evolving. “How many cars have you owned over the past...

Market Potential Drives Adept Acquisition of MobileRobots

Market Potential Drives Adept Acquisition of MobileRobots

MobileRobots’ CEO Jeanne Dietsch gave a solid presentation at Robotics Trends’ Robotics Summit Conference and Exposition entitled “Driving Autonomous Robot Applications to Market.” In addition to her presentation, Dietsch had a surprise announcement for event attendees. First, the presentation. Dietsch’s...

Opportunities in Autonomy

Opportunities in Autonomy

The addition of autonomous behavior to robotic systems presents opportunities for solution providers and investors serving many different markets