Security robots and unmanned systems promise to save lives and are changing how soldiers, sailors, and police forces are reacting to threats. Robot security guards and drone surveillance are entering civilian use, and emergency responders have new ways of helping people.

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Augmented reality and virtual reality are combining with robotics in a number of industries Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Converge With Robotics

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Vecna Throws Hat into Robotics Ring

Vecna has made inroads into the defense robotics market, but its QC Bot hospital courier and a repurposed medical version of its BEAR battlefield extraction and rescue robot have the best chance for commercial success in the near term.

BCT Modernization Program: Where the Opportunities Are

In keeping with his plan to address the challenges of irregular warfare, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates announced in April 2009 that all eight manned vehicle programs of the Army’s long-running Future Combat Systems (FCS) program were cancelled...