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Logistics and supply chain automation is one of the fastest-growing applications for mobile robots and manipulators. E-commerce order fulfillment, more flexible warehouses, and drone delivery are among the benefits of robots and AI in supply chains.

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DHL Opens Innovation Center to Showcase Logistics Technology Shopify to Acquire 6 River Systems for $450 Million Report: 580,000+ Order-Filling Robots to Work in Warehouses by 2023 Starship Raises $40M, Announces Campus Delivery Expansion Plans Warehouse Automation Growth Remains Strong, With a Possible Blip

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Chief Robotics Officer Online Summit Robotics Business Review Announces Chief Robotics Officer Online Summit

The chief robotics officer, or CRO, is the person or team responsible for evaluating, adopting, and managing automation. Our first online summit will feature four sessions on how to implement robots in supply chain and logistics.

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Mobile Robots: Capabilities, Industrial Impact and ROI

Mobile Robots: Capabilities, Industrial Impact and ROI

In this RoboBriefing podcast, Managing Editor Steve Crowe talks with Terry Hannon, chief business development and strategy officer at Adept Technology. Hannon explains why logistics automation has evolved from autonomous guided vehicles, or AGVs, to autonomous indoor vehicles, or AIVs.Adept’s...