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Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain automation is one of the fastest-growing applications for mobile robots and manipulators. E-commerce order fulfillment, more flexible warehouses, and drone delivery are among the benefits of robots and AI in supply chains.

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pay-per-pick article Magazino TORU robot warehouse Magazino Launches Pay-Per-Pick Pricing Model for its TORU Robot

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Chief Robotics Officer Online Summit Robotics Business Review Announces Chief Robotics Officer Online Summit

The chief robotics officer, or CRO, is the person or team responsible for evaluating, adopting, and managing automation. Our first online summit will feature four sessions on how to implement robots in supply chain and logistics.

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Adept Technology Resets for 2013

Adept Technology Resets for 2013

Adept Technology has been going through a period of readjustment, both with its leadership and with its plans to enter new industrial robotics markets.