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AGVs, UGVs, UAVs, and UUVs are just some of the unmanned systems relying on machine vision and mapping for increasing levels of autonomy. Unmanned systems include mobile robots in warehouses, drones in the air or underwater, and self-driving cars on the streets. See how these autonomous vehicles are improving and how they're being used.

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British RAS Community Rallies Around Manufacturing, Logistics

The U.K. manufacturing and logistics sector has joined several events focusing on how British RAS can help improve efficiency and provide competitive advantage. However, can academic-industrial partnerships overcome the U.K.'s lag in industrial automation?

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U.K. Royal Navy Demoes Maritime Autonomous Systems

U.K. Royal Navy Demoes Maritime Autonomous Systems

In autumn of 2017, the U.K. Royal Navy hosted a large-scale demonstration of marine robotic systems. Featured was the Maritime Autonomy Surface Testbed system and an unmanned surface vessel from AutoNaut.

GoPro Quits Drone Business

GoPro Quits Drone Business

Portable camera maker GoPro faced stiff competition and poor reviews for its Karma consumer drone, forcing it to quit that market altogether.