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Robai develops 'kinematically redundant' seven axes robotic arms and robotic manipulators for industry, home, entertainment, and research. Robai’s premiere product is the Cyton Veta robot arm.

This system is a seven-degree-of-freedom robot arm with a structural layout similar to the human arm. Its extra degrees of freedom give it fluid motion and allow it to reach around obstacles. Cyton comes with configurable control software that makes it easy to exploit its kinematic redundancy with built-in interfaces to input devices, over the Internet, or using your own programs.This software controls the Cyton arm in real time based on desired behaviors that are configured off line. Robai uses robot-control software developed by Energid Technologies Corporation and provides an interface through Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.


Contact Info
PO Box 37635 #60466
Philadelphia, PA, 19101
United States
Company Leadership

Neil Tardella, COO, Energid
James English, President & CTO, Energid
Mary Salzman, Organizational Manager, Energid & Robai

Market Segments

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Robai Cyton robot arms for automating light duty tasks combine versatile mechanical designs with graphical robot tasking software developed for high-end robots.

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