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Universal Robotics
Universal Robotics, Inc. develops and provides control system software solutions. The company’s products include Spatial Vision, Spatial Vision Robotics, Sensor Servoing, and Neocortex.

Spatial Vision is a 3D vision calibration software tool; Spatial Vision Robotics is a 3D vision guidance software tool that locates 3D objects in 3D space for real-time guidance of new Motoman robots; Sensor Servoing is a motion control software for moving a robot at high speed using various sensor inputs that provides real-time autonomous reaction for robots, as well as motion planning and collision avoidance capabilities; and Neocortex is an artificial intelligence software that serves as the intelligence for various machines, including industrial robots, forklifts, mining equipment, and autonomous vehicles.

It also offers non-recurring engineering services in the areas of sensor applications, reactive robotics, machine learning, and middleware, as well as product support services. The company was incorporated in 2001 and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.


Contact Info
1127 Winding Way
Nashville, TN, 37217
United States
Company Leadership

David Peters, Founder & CEO
Jon Peters, Founder & Director, Information Technology
Alan Peters, Founder & CTO
Hob Wubbena, VP Planning & Marketing
Eric Riseman, VP Sales

Market Segments

Universal Robotics in the News
Asian partners expand manufacturing automation and look to healthcare, household robotics.
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Universal Robotics creates software that enables machines to learn from their experiences, react and adapt to their surroundings, and perform tasks that are costly, dangerous or difficult for humans to undertake.

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