September 01, 2015      

“Create 2 is an affordable preassembled mobile robot platform giving students, educators and developers firsthand robotic programming experience. Create 2 is ready to go out of the box, so you can working on your robot without worrying about building a drive assembly or low level code.

This robot platform was developed by iRobot to ignite students? passion for STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) through the excitement of robots.

Create 2 allows for a variety of programming methods, from beginner programmers to advanced robotics students. Users are encouraged to ?hack? Create 2 using their laptop, a microcontroller or come up with their own solutions. Users can also go beyond programming and build on to the robot, attaching sensors, electronics, grippers and other cool things.

With iRobot Create 2, users can:

  • Use the included serial to USB cable to send commands from a computer or microcontroller to the robot with behaviors controlled via the Open Interface Commands.
  • Program movements, sounds and the LED display, as well as read all of the robot’s onboard sensors.
  • Add an external computer or microcontroller with additional sensors and actuators to transform Create into exactly the robot they want. Add a camera to build a camera bot!
  • Use iRobot?s 3D printable file to create a storage bin to ensure additional electronics added to the robot are safely housed within the robot’s chassis.

Visit the iRobot Create website to download basic programming examples and starter projects of varying difficulty, such as ?DJ Roomba? and ?Light Bot,? giving students and educators a head start on their first robot project.

Create 2 takes advantage of years of Roomba development, adds online resources, and ease of customization to deliver a more robust robot platform than anything available to students and educators at or near its price. Intended for students in upper high school and college with some prior knowledge of programming skills, Create 2 can also be used as a university research platform so researchers can spend less time building the robot itself and more time focusing on their project.

iRobot also plans to support visual programming language, expanding the age range of the robot user, thus introducing younger students to the excitement of STEM and robotics.”