LG’s CLOi Robots Launching in Airports, Hotels, Supermarkets
January 04, 2018      

LG will unveil at CES 2018 three robots designed for commercial use at hotels, airports and supermarkets. The new lineup, dubbed CLOi (pronounced KLOH-ee), includes the Serving Robot, Porter Robot, and Shopping Cart Robot.

All of LG’s CLOi robots are being developed with the company’s DeepThinQ deep learning technology. We’ll be at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and we’ll get more information about the CLOi robots. So stay tuned. But here’s what we know right now.

The CLOi serving robot will deliver food and beverage to guests at their hotel rooms and airport lounges. It features a built-in tray that it’ll use to give the item(s) to people. After delivering the item(s), it’ll return to its home base.

The CLOi porter robot will be used for express check-in and check-out services at hotels, and it can carry suitcases around. This is all designed to minimize waiting times for travelers.

And the CLOi shopping cart robot includes a barcode reader that customers can use to scan items and view product prices as they’re placed within the robot’s bin. The robot’s “face” will also display all items on the shopping list and through a smartphone app will guide the consumer through stores.

LG's Hub robot

LG’s Hub robot

The CLOi family also includes LG’s lawnmower, Hub, airport guide and airport cleaning robots that were introduced at CES 2017. The Airport Robot Guide was tested at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport. The Airport Guide Robot is designed to assist travelers, answering questions in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

After scanning a passenger’s ticket, the Airport Robot Guide provides information about a flight’s boarding time and gate location and the weather of the traveler’s destination.