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Blue Belt Technologies Inc.

Blue Belt Technologies is focused on developing clinically relevant applications in computer-assisted technology and robotic orthopedic surgery. We design smart instrumentation that can go where no other technology tools can reach. Our guiding principles in new technologies and applications center on accessibility, ergonomics, surgeon independence, and repeatable accuracy and precision – all with the end goal of improving the lives of […]

Blue Frog Robotics

Blue Frog Robotics is a French start-up that has developed Buddy, "The Companion Robot Accessible to Everyone", co-founded by former CRIIF (Robotics lab) Executive Director Rodolphe Hasselvander.

Blue Ocean Robotics ApS

Blue Ocean Robotics invests resources and capital into the exponentially growing robotics industry worldwide through a carefully selected portfolio of robotic projects. It incubates and takes lead of the projects for which it develops robotic products and commercializes and introduces the robots to the markets. When the timing is right, Blue Ocean sells, licenses, or spins out the intellectual property […]