Demystifying the Use of Frameless Motors in Robotics

Why would a robotics designer want to use a frameless motor rather than a standard servo motor? Frameless motors offer unique benefits, including a compact form factor and high performance.

This free download from Kollmorgen explains how engineers can evaluate their requirements and communicate their needs to motion companies.

With a proper understanding of space, gearing, and thermal parameters, you can work with teams such as Kollmorgen’s to choose or customize the best frameless motors for your robot or device.

Some of the uses for frameless motors include in surgical robots, systems for exploring underwater or in space, and anywhere space and torque are at a premium. In addition, frameless motors can require less maintenance because they have fewer parts.

Even so, this report recommends that you factor the desired speed and torque into designs, simulations, and prototypes early on to determine whether frameless motors will serve your needs.

Kollmorgen’s Performance Curve Generator, MOTIONEERING Online, and Direct Drive Rotary Motor Selector tools are designed to help in this process.

This download also includes a list of application profile questions to help organizations prepare for conversations with experienced support engineers.

In addition, this download takes the example of a collaborative robot or cobot joint and delves into greater detail on payload capacity, speed, thermal management, and gearing considerations.

These factors can be quite limited in cobot designs for safety and performance reasons, and engineers will want to test the best frameless motors for the job.

Kollmorgen is a 2018 RBR50 company, a leader in the world of robotics components. This download will help you understand how frameless motors can serve your organization’s needs for high-quality robotics.

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