CES 2019 Conference household robots panel

Panelists discuss the future of household robotics at CES 2019. Source: Keith Shaw

Attendees at this year’s RoboBusiness at CES 2019 Conference, titled “Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life“, were treated to a day full of panels, presentations, and discussions around the current state of the service robot market in the home, at restaurants, at retail stores, and within caregiving situations.

Experts from across the robotics landscape shared insights on how and why robots are becoming an integral part of our daily lives – whether it’s a robot tracking inventory to ensure that products are available on the shelf, to the robotic barista making your next cup of coffee quickly and accurately.

If you were unable to attend the event, or if you did and want copies of the presentations given at the show, you’re in luck. Just fill out the form below and you can download a FREE PDF of the speakers’ presentations. Please note: We have removed the embedded video from the slides, and some of the formatting may be off due to the presentation-to-PDF conversion.

Our next event will be held at the ATX West show, being held Feb. 5-7, 2019, in Anaheim, Calif. On Tuesday, Feb. 5, we will be holding a Chief Robotics Officer summit at the event.

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