First Robot Activity Index by The Futurist Institute

The Robot Activity Index for Q2 2018 found a universally positive outlook for the industry.

In the past several years, the robotics industry has experienced impressive growth in terms of units sold worldwide, but such statistics tell only part of the story. Industrial automation is well-established, yet many newer forms of robotics, from commercial drones and collaborative robot arms to mobile platforms, are just coming to market. A new Robot Activity Index gives robot companies themselves a chance to collectively evaluate how they and the industry are evolving.

The Futurist Institute and Robotics Business Review have partnered to survey leading robotics suppliers on a quarterly basis. The Robot Activity Index (RAI) is intended to be a vendor-neutral barometer of multiple dimensions of the economic outlook.


We’ve sent the Robotic Activity Index questionnaire to more than 60 executives at top robotics companies, as identified by The Futurist Institute and the RBR50 list.

The individual respondents are kept confidential to ensure candor and to protect competitive data.

Each quarter, we’ll be asking participants a few questions about their observations of risk, confidence in their respective sectors, and more. Over time, we’ll be able to track these indicators and share the trends they reveal with you.

If you’re interested in participating in the Robot Activity Index, please contact Senior Editor Eugene Demaitre at [email protected] or Jason Schenker at The Futurist Institute.

Q2 2018 Robot Activity Index results

For our inaugural RAI, we got an even number of responses from robotics companies that serve the manufacturing and the supply chain/logistics spaces.

The survey respondents indicated a high degree of confidence in new orders, internal and external funding, and shipments.

In addition, this quarter, participants identified the areas they considered to pose the greatest risk. Access to skilled labor was the No. 1 factor. For the full results, please download the brief report for this quarter, and watch RBR for upcoming reports.

Risk in the first Robot Activity Index.

Participants in the first Robot Activity Index created by The Futurist Institute and RBR assessed risks for the next year.

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