Agricultural Drone Report PrecisionHawk

Source: PrecisionHawk

Farmers, ranchers, forestry companies, and government organizations have tried for years to find better ways to assess, monitor, spray, plant, and manage natural resources under their care. Many traditional methods are rooted in manual processes, which have slowed improvement in this space.

Existing methods of managing agriculture and timber resources, such as surveillance by airplane or helicopter, are costly. Even then, they are only appropriate in select cases where large tracts of land are under management. Likewise, using ground-based crews and teams of workers can be slow and exhausting, and do not offer three-dimensional views of areas being analyzed.

Many groups are now turning to unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a. drones, to use in agricultural management applications. Their speed, nimbleness, and flexibility provide a level of precision previously unavailable.

In this RBR Insider report, author Ed O’Brien takes a look at the growing market for agricultural drones for planting, spraying, and monitoring farms and forests. He provides a roundup of the drone makers in this space, along with how three companies are utilizing their drones to assist farmers and forestry officials.

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