Moving Beyond Industry 4.0: How to Integrate Robots for Better Workflows

Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Pallet Jack working at Milton CAT.

Robots are essential to the success of Industry 4.0 initiatives, but manufacturers, supply chains, and e-commerce operations must understand their capabilities before they can reap the benefits.

First used in Europe, the term Industry 4.0 refers to the application of robotics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to enterprise processes. Consumer and partner expectations are higher than ever for fast, accurate delivery. Getting the right items to the right people in time requires the right technology.

Managers and chief robotics officers shouldn’t be intimidated by the jargon; robotics and data analytics can provide transparency and efficiency. Not only can autonomous systems move inventory, but they can also gather and share information for business insights.

In this free whitepaper, Vecna Robotics Vice President of Business Development David Clear describes how automation can enable your organization to be competitive with Industry 4.0.

Clear cites the example of Vecna’s Beacon service, in which autonomous mobile robots communicate with one another, as well as other systems. This can provide continuous learning and transparency.

Robots plus people for the next step to Industry 4.0

Despite widespread worries about robots taking jobs, this download looks at how smart robots and humans can be more effective than either alone, especially with mounting demand and a tight labor market.

Clear explains the difference between a traditional, static workflow and a more flexible one using both humans and robots. He also describes the evolution from automated guided vehicles to Industry 4.0 and today’s AI-driven systems.

Finally, Clear shares a case study about Milton CAT, the exclusive provider of Caterpillar products in the U.S. Northeast. The company’s main distribution center in Milford, Mass., serves 13 other facilities and handles more than 4,000 SKUs.

Read this report to learn how Milton CAT increased throughput and decreased delivery time with smart automation from Vecna Robotics.

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