Logistics robots warehouse image whitepaper

Credit: Pixabay

The market for mobile supply chain and logistics robots is growing fast. Knowing how different providers solve similar problems can mean the difference between improving efficiency or creating new problems for your staff.

This free download will help readers understand how to evaluate their existing warehouse operations and prepare to successfully deploy logistics robots.

Thanks to complex robotics and communications technologies, modern warehouses can send supply and demand signals, as well as payment prompts that shorten the “time-work” component faster than humans. In some cases, they do this entirely without human supervision, relying instead on intelligent programming deep within their control systems.

In this free download, author Jim Romeo presents an overview of the logistics robot space, as well as descriptions of the different duties that many of these robots perform (for example, the difference between pick, pack, and load-style robots).

The report also examines specific groups of logistics robots within a warehouse environment. In addition, the download provides some examples of how businesses in different fields are using robots to improve efficiencies within their logistics and supply chain operations.

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