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Source: Soft Robotics

End of arm tools – also commonly called grippers, end effectors, robotic peripherals, robotic accessories, robot tools, or robotic tools – occupy a central position in many robotic systems. Their pivotal role as the interface between robots and the materials they handle means they are often viewed as extremely important components in workplace settings.

Such tools — which often take the form of fingers like those on a human hand, or vacuum-like suction tools — can carry out one or more tasks related to the manipulation or handling of objects in industrial or business systems. Tasks include, but are not limited to, pick-and-place operations, machine tending, packaging and palletizing, assembly, quality testing and inspection and surface finishing. In addition to these roles, end of arm tools are now increasingly commonly used with, or alongside, collaborative robot (or cobot) systems.

In this report, author Andrew Williams takes a closer look at the growing end-of-arm tools market, and profiles some of the leading companies and products in the sector. It also considers some variables that businesses should consider when deciding to purchase and install grippers and similar tools. The report will also shine a light on some cutting-edge research in this space.

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