While the buzz around robotics has never been greater, the adoption of robotics and intelligent operational systems is still in its early stages. The fragmented robotics industry is challenged to achieve the level of applicability, reliability, and proven effectiveness demanded by both consumers and enterprise users.

The existing limited level of actuation flexibility available for basic repetitive industrial applications has supported growing adoption rates. However, a vast majority of the total robotics market remains untapped — $1.2 trillion by 2025, as projected by Myria Research.

This Robotics Business Review whitepaper explores a new actuator that could be the game changer that radically advances and widens robotics adoption by reducing costs and enabling new applications across vertical markets.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Genesis Robotics‘ LiveDrive symbolizes the next-generation class of actuation performance. LiveDrive promises to be the solution to create the inflection point for mass adoption across vertical sectors.


  • Fast Evolution for New Market Opportunities (Addressable Market Impact)
  • Efficiency Requirements for Key Vertical Sectors and Impact on Targeted Addressable Market
  • Actuation Versatility Impact on RIOS Ownership Costs, Applicability, and Innovations Addressing New Use Case
  • Solution: Rethinking Dated yet Omnipresent Power Components from Scratch
  • (LiveDrive) Three Foundational Discoveries

More on Actuator Versatility:

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