North American Robotics Grows, but Faces Global Challenges

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The North American robotics industry is growing healthily, but it faces stiff competition, the need to specialize, and governmental hurdles.

In this RBR Insider report, Jim Romeo looks at the different automation markets in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. While several countries have strong university research and centralized economic policies, the U.S. benefits from investors willing to take risks on innovative technologies, as well as a wide variety of established applications. As this year’s RBR50 list of leading robotics companies found, the U.S. is still well-represented.

By contrast, Mexican robotics has benefited from manufacturing growth, while Canada has focused on developing artificial intelligence. Of course, there are many exceptions to such generalizations, with industrial automation providers such as Robotiq in Canada and machine learning research being conducted in Mexico.

This exclusive download can help robotics developers, suppliers, and integrators worldwide learn about what makes North American robotics unique, and how to identify market opportunities. The report also looks at which vertical sectors are major buyers of North American robotics.

North American robotics adapts

Shortages of both skilled and unskilled workers, plus the need for targeted investment are among the challenges facing North American robotics providers and end users.

In addition, Romeo looks at how North American robotics stacks up against competitors, partners, and potential markets in Europe and Asia. According to some metrics, the U.S. is not the most robot-friendly nation in the world, nor is it the biggest market for automation.

Interest in advancing and applying machine learning, China’s ambitious deals, and protectionist trade policies are also affecting how automation is evolving. This report shares some of the responses by manufacturing associations to the latest proposed tariffs.

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