More so than ever, robotics technology was increasingly broad based, reaching from the welding bays of giant auto makers to co-robots pick ‘n packing at SMEs to record numbers of procedures in surgical suites to cleaning carpets and floors in living rooms around the globe.

Also, more so than ever, investing was broadly based as well, stretching from lofty deals like the $285 million that Teredyne vacated for Universal Robots to Google Ventures tendering $100 million for Carbon3D, to major robotics/automation funds launching, all the way to the newest of the new, motif investing, where a robotics-themed basket of shares could be had for $9.95.

Dive into the companies, transactions and trends that ended 2015 with a bang.

Inside this Report You’ll Find:

The last half of 2015 and look ahead toward 2016, including VC investments, M&A activity, and robotics stocks

Featured Transactions
Summaries of the significance behind 2Q’s biggest deals

RBR’s Take
A summary of the quarter’s key take-aways and trends, technologies or companies you need to be aware of

Short Takes in Robotics
Quick announcements of extra financial happenings you should be aware of: cuts to funding, new accelerators, public stock performance

Transactions at a Glance
A chart outlining the orders, government funding, investments and M&As we’ve tracked for you throughout the quarter

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