This 30-page report examines robotics drivers, major players and challenges in the agriculture industry. We take a close-up at the established robot milking technology in the dairy sector and relative newcomers, such as crop imaging drones and nursery robots. The report also takes a look at technologies that are slightly further from market, such driverless tractors and strawberry-picking robots.

What if we could overcome labor shortages with automated solutions? What if we could bring big data to the agricultural space? What if we could replace the broadcast methods of current agriculture with machine-aided precision? What if we could manage resources using flying robots, instead of relying on farmers’ current eye-level view or expensive satellite imagery?

This report takes a look at the agricultural robots that offer new economic models that will meet demands of a changing global market.

If you’re a developer, end user or investor in this fast-growing robotics segment, this report is for you.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Drivers and Challenges

III. Plight or Flight

IV. Dairy Robots

V. Aerial Drones

VI. Technology Leaders

VII. Insight: Joe Jones & Harvest Automation

VIII. Australia: Agribotics of Necessity

IX. Farm Bots, the Law and Policy

X. Government Investment

XI. Also on the Farm: New Tech Tools

XII. Conclusions

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