This report examines the top 22 healthcare robotics companies: Their technology, their markets, where they’re going and why.

Most in the field concede that robotics is a natural fit for healthcare. It just may be the only broad-based technology solution capable of delivering medical care services directly to patients across every healthcare need.

From diagnostics to surgical procedures to doctoring to clinical services to prosthetics to therapeutic and rehabilitative care to nursing home care to home healthcare to care for the Medicare elderly, right on down to the robot pharmacist that flawlessly fills prescriptions. Robotics may well be the most important and cost-effective technology to enter the healthcare system since IT. In terms of clinical services and direct patient care, it may well prove itself to be more important.

Download this report to better understand the healthcare robotics landscape and where the greatest opportunities for disruption exist.

Table of Contents:

I. Surgical robotics

II. Robotic replacement for diminished or lost function

III. Robot-assisted recovery and rehabilitation

IV. Personalized care for the elderly

V. Healthcare robotics and the Affordable Care Act

VI. The greatest need in healthcare robotics

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