This report examines the companies and technologies pulling ahead in the healthcare market as well as market trends impacting the future outlook for industry stakeholders.

Healthcare in the U.S. is approaching $4 trillion annually. To support, enhance, and mitigate the healthcare burdens, our healthcare system is witnessing robotic medical technology entering hospital surgical suites, in-patient rooms, in-home patient care, and uses with emergency services and vehicles.

Robotics holds the promise of addressing major healthcare issues in surgery, diagnostics, prosthetics, physical and mental therapy, monitoring, and support. Where are the challenges and where are the advances being made?

Whether you’re investing in this robotics segment, developing solutions for the healthcare industry, or procuring new technologies for your facility, this report will help you define your business strategy.

Table of Contents:

I. Surgical Robotics

II. Robotic Replacement for Diminished or Lost Function

III. Exoskeletons

IV. Robot-Assisted Recovery and Rehabilitation

V. Personalized Care for the Elderly

VI. Healthcare Robotics and the Affordable Care Act

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