This report breaks down the most attractive robotics sectors for investors, examines where the money is coming from, analyzes IPOs and mergers, and details what investors need to watch for.

The traditional backers of technology — venture capitalists — are occupied with Big Data and social-media plays today, and with good reason. There is a lot of money there, and advancements will have a fundamental impact on robotics.

Venture funds are watching developments in automation. A few of them are active here already, and more will come because this is where the new money is.

In the meantime, corporate venture and (remarkably) crowdfunding are sustaining at least some automation companies from the concept stage to near maturity. Private placement is helping mature firms recapitalize and re-orient to
meet the coming industry growth. This report pulls together data on dozens of investors and robotics firms to
tease apart trends and opportunities. Our intention is to illustrate what has happened in the last few years, what is happening right now, and what is likely to happen in the next few years.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Seeding an Investment Ecology

III. Attractive Industries for Investors

IV. Where Is Investment Money Coming From?

V. Venture Deals Over Time

VI. Mergers & Acquisitions

VII. Initial Public Offerings

VIII. Crowdfunding

IX. Private and Growth Equity

X. Conclusion: The Near-Term Trends

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