This 25-page report examines the latest trends in the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry, the challenges and opportunities for robotics, updates on key companies, investment and funding analysis and much more.

Robotics is leaving the structured confines of ordered factories for roles in a larger world that is looking farther afield for essential minerals and metals.

In truth, oil, gas and mining companies have no choice. If they are after scarce resources, companies will need automation to go where workers cannot. Deep-sea mining is a prime example. Enormous fields of rare-earth elements
(REEs)—integral to electronics, like rechargeable auto batteries, lie upwards of three miles under our oceans.

Robotics is just as necessary when companies are dealing with a surplus of raw materials. It likely is the only way to cut costs to compensate for falling commodity prices and rising operating costs.

Whether you’re developing robotics and ingredient technologies for the Energy Industry or considering automation to boost your company’s productivity, this report will make you better informed to plot your next steps.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
New roles for robots
Quest for REEs
Cutting costs in times of surplus
The demographic incentive
Six pioneering resource scenarios
Reasons for Resistance

III. Relevant trends in Oil, Gas and Mining

IV. Drilling
The fracking phenomenon
Coal seams plentiful
Ancient iron automates
Interest in ultra-deep ocean mining grows
Off-Earth mining
The players: Where is the robotics industry?

V. Anticipated Arctic Drillers
Fracking companies are scrambling
Other independent U.S. drillers
Robotics going underground
Firms preparing for ultra-deep water
Going off-world for minerals
Funding robotics in oil, gas and mining

VI. Conclusions

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