Get in front of the technology, consumer preferences and trends with these combined reports:

The Consumer Robotics 2015 Report on the personal robotics segment, and the 2014 Consumer Robotics Survey on what the buying public believes about robotics, is interested in buying and why.

The Consumer Robotics Report covers the breakout of personal robots, trends and ingredient technologies that are moving the market forward.

The 2014 Robotics Business Consumer Survey results reveal buying preferences for Robotics Smart Toys, Educational/Robotic Kits (simple kits), Educational/Robotic Kits (complex kits), Hobby Robots, Outdoor Home Care/Lawn Care Robots, Indoor Home Care Robots, Personal Robots, and Home Healthcare Robots.

Whether you are developing consumer robots and ingredient technologies, investing in consumer robotics products or considering making consumer robotics part of your company’s product strategy, this report will help you do your job better.

Table of Contents:

I. Consumer Robotics 2014 Survey Results

II. Robots that Speak

III. Personal Robots

IV. The Emergence of “Robotedness”

V. Human-Robot Interaction

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