The twin forces of technology and globalization are reinventing and redefining the workplace and the how tasks are performed.

Whitepaper on robotics and the changing workplaceTechnologies are emerging that enhance human capabilities and allow workers to provide a wider range of services remotely and with greater efficiency and productivity.

This new workplace is constantly changing, increasingly uninhibited by geographical boundaries and inspired by the arrival of robots and new technologies previously available only through the pages of science fiction.

Typically, the legal system lags behind new technologies such as workplace automation, but forward-thinking legislators are working with industry and academia to provide for safety, intellectual property protection, and more.

Among the challenges that society faces are how to deal with jobs displaced or assisted by automation, whether it be through hardware robots or software and artificial intelligence. Tax policy, regulatory frameworks, and labor law have already affected and will continue to shape the development and adoption of industrial automation, drones, collaborative robotics, and service robots.

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