Building on America’s automobile-manufacturing infrastructure and its premiere IT know-how, a home grown market for autonomous automobiles, private- and commercial-truck vehicles is on the rise and could grow as quickly and broadly as did the market for personal computing.

Autonomous, self-driving vehicles will affect every industry that moves materials—from delicate computer-chip components to tons of raw ore.

This 37-page report focuses on the largest segments of the self-driving vehicle spectrum: The auto and commercial-truck industries, along with their supply chains and the IT firms that will tie the markets—and vehicles—together.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction: The promise of self-driving vehicles

II. Anatomy of autonomy

III. Vehicle makers: Who is making what?

IV. It’s all in the Data–really big data

V. Insurance quandry

VI. The outliers: robotics makers

VII. The flow of investment

VIII. Conclusion: What’s trending?

IX. Autonomous drving’s top enabling technologies

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