As companies in more industries beyond manufacturing consider robots, the emerging robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business model is helping with adoption and management. As with software as a service or SaaS, enterprises can apply robotic solutions to their processes, immediately implement new automation, and save money.

Both robotic solutions suppliers and end-user organizations can benefit from RaaS, and several rising robotics companies such as Fetch Robotics in logistics and Savioke in hospitality have offered their products as a service.

Know before you buy RaaS

However, how does RaaS differ from traditional capital expenditures in terms of sales and support? Can RaaS relieve the problem of a long capital asset approval cycle, in which the time required to buy new robotic solutions is longer than the cycle of tech improvements?

RaaS can enable user organizations to more rapidly scale up or down their use of robotics as needed, but it requires robotics providers and end users to change how they approach product design, customer service, and accounting practices.

This whitepaper from product strategy consultancy MarketSpec goes into detail on the organizational changes, business expectations, and examples of robotic solutions as a service. In addition, watch our webcast on RaaS on Feb. 21, 2017.

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