From business process automation and industrial robots to healthcare advice and the Internet of Things, there is no industry that’s untouched by artificial intelligence. This whitepaper looks at current trends in AI, including the technology, market players, and potential applications.

End-user organizations can learn about the overall state of AI, some tools that use machine learning, and why the latest trends in AI aren’t about replacing humans but rather extending worker capabilities.

The ever-increasing investment flowing into AI research and development reflects the strong interest in using machine learning, deep learning, and related techniques. This report looks at major AI suppliers, as well as opportunities for startups.

According to estimates such as a Tractica study, the AI market will increase by 25-fold by 2025, not just in India, but worldwide.

The ability to build a navigational model in real time, hold a conversation with a human being, or learn a new behavior requires unique combinations of sensors, data management and analytics, and processing in the cloud or at the edge. What are some of the current limitations of AI, despite the hype?

In addition, we provide examples of how companies are already taking advantage of trends in AI. Predictive maintenance is one use case, and Universal Logic shares how machine learning enables robots to be more precise.

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