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Sep 27, 2017 - Sep 28, 2017
Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, United States

After 13 years, RoboBusiness is still one of the premier events for the global robotics industry. The conference offers startups, investors, and end users an opportunity to learn from case studies, network, and see the latest in robotics, artificial intelligence, and unmanned systems.

Immediately before RoboBusiness 2017 in Santa Clara, Calif., was the Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) Network Summit. It provided an exclusive venue for business managers to learn about and discuss the challenges of adopting and implementing automation.

Martin Buehler, executive R&D imagineer at Disney, delivered the keynote address, in which he explained the importance of the robot experience and gave a glimpse at his company’s groundbreaking developments.

The four main tracks at RoboBusiness 2017 included “Adopting and Implementing Robotics,” “How to Get ROI From Robotics,” “Robotics Nuts and Bolts for Your Business,” and “What Can AI And IoT Do for You?”

In addition, there were several presentations from organizations such as Stanford University and NASA on the Expo Hall Stage, as well as the popular annual Pitchfire startup competition.

Exhibitors demonstrated the latest robots for mobile pick-and-place operations, manufacturing, and robotic inspection. The Startup Zone and VC Office Hours enabled innovators and investors to connect. Leaders from Boston, Pittsburgh, and Silicon Valley also compared notes onstage.

From component makers to full robotic solutions and AI applications, RoboBusiness is the best place to shape the future of automation.



Presentations from:

  • Disney
  • DHL
  • GE Global Research
  • Intel Perceptual Computing
  • NASA Ames Research Center
  • PARC
  • Accenture
  • Stanford University
  • Comet Labs
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Pittsburgh Regional Alliance
  • California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
  • Fetch Robotics

Adopting and Implementing Robotics

  • Is Your Business Robot-Ready?
    Presented By:
    Lockheed Martin
    IBM Watson IoT
  • Identifying New Applications for Automation
    Presented By:
    Soft Robotics
    Proctor and Gamble
  • Using Additive Manufacturing to Accelerate Robotic Adoption
    Presented By:
  • Automating Your Operations to Optimize Production
    Presented By:
    Applied Manufacturing Technologies
    Continental Automotive Systems
  • How to Evolve a Robust and Cost-Competitive Supply Chain
    Presented By:
  • Working With Partners to Adopt Robotics
    Presented By:
    Market Spec Group
    Electric Movement Inc.
    ULC Robotics
    Acorn Product Development

How to Get ROI from Robotics

  • How We Increased Our Revenue With Robots
    Presented By:
    RK Logistics
  • How to Manage Staffing and Morale During Robotics Adoption
    Presented By:
    Littler Mendelson PC
  • Increasing Productivity with Cobots
    Presented By:
    U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • How to Scale Up Automation and Measure ROI
    Presented By:
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage from Autonomous Vehicles and Services
    Presented By:
    SAP Labs
    Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
  • Protect Your IP and Get Ahead of Robotics Regulations
    Presented By:
    Exponent Inc.
    Kolisch Hartwell

Robotics Nuts and Bolts for Your Business

  • Latest Robotics Innovations for Materials Handling
    Presented By:
    Fetch Robotics
    Continental Auto Systems
  • Pick and Place for Profit with Mobility, Robot Arms, and New Grippers
    Presented By:
    Precise Automation
  • Robotics as a Service: Feasibility and Opportunity
    Presented By:
    Market Spec Group
    ULC Robotics
    Ricoh USA
    H3 Dynamics
  • Building a Better Robot: Why Components Matter
    Presented By:
    Robotics Motion and Controls
    Agility Robotics
    Lithium Power Inc.
  • Saving the World, One Robot Swarm-Infested Hurricane at a Time
    Presented By:
    Qualcomm Technologies
  • Training the Next Generation of Roboticists
    Presented By:
  • Robotics Education and Competition Foundation
    Chapman Group
    Electric Movement Inc.

What Can AI and IoT Do for You?

  • The State of AI: What It Can and Can’t Do
    Presented By:
    BNY Mellon
  • Using Sensors and Data for Preventive Maintenance and Reducing Downtime
    Presented By:
    IBM Watson IoT
  • Use Cases for Perception and Cognitive Systems
    Presented By:
  • Degrees of Intelligence: Perceptual and Cognitive Computing
    Presented By:
    Stanford University
  • What Do Big Data, IoT, and the Cloud Mean for Robotics Use?
    Presented By:
  • Refining Human-Machine Interfaces
    Presented By:
    American Robotics Collaborative