4 Can’t-Miss Experiences at PTC LiveWorx 2018
June 11, 2018      

BOSTON — PTC LiveWorx 2018 here next week will bring together professionals from across the digital technology landscape looking to transform their business – everyone from executives and managers to engineers, developers working on manufacturing applications, and more.

Robotics Business Review will have a presence at the show as well – we’re hosting the Robotics & AI Summit @ LiveWorx ’18 on June 18 and 19. Our conference sessions and exposition within PTC’s LiveWorx 2018 will feature some of the leading speakers and vendors in industrial automation.

If you’re planning to attend our event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center — you can still register here — here are our recommendations on experiences you shouldn’t miss.

1. PTC opening keynote

If you think you’re just going to see some fancy graphics and then get right to the first speaker – you’re not at PTC LiveWorx. Get ready for a multimedia explosion of sounds, lights, lasers, performers, and who knows what else.

To give you a sense, check out this video from last year and tell us that you don’t want to see what’s in store for LiveWorx 2018:

After the laser light show, stick around for the keynote from PTC’s Jim Heppleman. Other keynote speakers will include William H. Gerstenmaier from NASA; Alex Kipman, inventor of Microsoft’s HoloLens; and Dr. Michio Kaku, renowned physicist, professor, and author.

2. Robotics & AI Summit

Obviously, you’ll want to check out the RBR portion of LiveWorx 2018, which kicks off right after the opening keynote at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, June 18.

We may not have lasers, but we’ll have robotics luminaries including Thomas Ryden, executive director of MassRobotics; Petra Mitchell, president and CEO of Catalyst Connection; and Julie Shah, an associate professor at MIT. They will provide a high-level view of smart manufacturing and robotics.

Chris Benson LiveWorx 2018

Chris Benson, chief scientist of AI and machine learning at Honeywell

On the AI side, don’t miss our Fireside Chat featuring Chris Benson, who will cut through the hype around AI and explain the true importance of deep learning and machine learning in manufacturing and other verticals. Plus, you get to see famous (in my own mind) RBR editor Keith Shaw, who gets introducing and question-asking duties for this session.

If you’re more of a Eugene Demaitre fan, make sure to check out his session, a panel discussing strategies around verifying ROI from automation in manufacturing.

In addition to Demaitre, the panel will feature Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering; Doug Olson, president and CEO of Harmonic Drive; Asuman Suenbuel, director of robotics and IoT at SAP; and Alex Shikany, vice president at AIA.

On the second day of the conference, we’re excited to hear about robots and drones being used for the next generation of e-commerce, featuring speakers from IDC, Fetch Robotics, Vecna and FedEx.

For those concerned with how robots and automation will affect the future workforce, check out the session titled “Reprogramming Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Technology,” which includes Byron Clayton from the ARM Institute; Daniel Theobald from Vecna, Dr. Charlene Schwartz-Stokes from MITRE, Julian Counihan from Schematic Ventures, and Katie Stebbins from the University of Massachusetts.

DHL's Adrian Kumar will be speaking about collaborative piece picking robots at LiveWorx.

Adrian Kumar, vice president of solutions design North America at DHL

The afternoon sessions on Tuesday split between a robotics track and an AI track. Within the robotics track, DHL’s Adrian Kumar will provide a case study on how robots have provided success in the piece-picking process. Zach Tomkinson from Universal Robots will be discussing the rise of collaborative robots.

In the AI track, you can catch our session on how China is affecting the AI and robotics market, featuring international investor Georg Stieler from STM Stieler. Seegrid’s Jeff Christensen will explain how you can use machine learning to reduce the risk of automation efforts.

In addition, Waypoint CEO Jason Walker will chat about his company’s latest autonomous mobile industrial robot, the Waypoint Vector.

On Tuesday around lunchtime, the summit will host several roundtable discussions around the following robotics topics:

  • “Creating Tomorrow’s Robotics Leaders,” with Brian Salerno of Brandeis University
  • “How to Choose an Integrator,” Sam Hoff from Patti Engineering
  • “Going Mobile: Robots, Drones and Self-Driving Cars,” Adam J. Shayevits, president of Strategies Sourcing Dynamics
  • Intellectual Property in Robotics: What You Must Consider,” James Boumil, an attorney at Proskauer

Check with us at the RBR booth for times and locations.

3. Exhibit floor highlights

Beyond the LiveWorx 2018 conference sessions around robotics, the Internet of Things, and manufacturing, the exhibit floor promises more can’t-miss experiences, including booths featuring robotics and AI. Be sure to check out the exhibits of Universal Robots, Harmonic Drive, and Seegrid, to name just a few.

At the Robotics Business Review booth, we’ll have more robots and several mini-sessions, including the announcement of this year’s RBR 50 list, presented by RBR editors Eugene Demaitre and Keith Shaw. We can also answer your questions and discuss current robotics trends.

The booth will also feature an Expo Theater with other presentations, including an appearance by the My Special Aflac Duck, a social robot designed for children with cancer. Aaron Horowitz, co-founder and CEO of Sproutel, will discuss how the duck works, the design process, and its impact on patients.

Other presentations at the Expo Theater include Holly Yanco, professor at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, discussing creating better collaborative robots; a robotics and AI game show hosted by Miguel Tam from Propel; and demonstrations from Waypoint Robotics and Universal Robotics.

4. Xtropolis at LiveWorx 2018

Beyond our booth, more than 100 exhibitors will be on hand at the LiveWorx Xtropolis, a 150,000-square-foot “interactive tech playground” that includes several demonstrations, interactive learning labs, and other “mind-bending surprises.”

Technologies covered in Xtropolis include 3D printing, AR/VR, CAD, IoT, Industry 4.0, supply chain, cloud computing, mobility, sensors, smart cities, blockchain, security, 5G wireless, and remote monitoring.

Near the end of each day at LiveWorx 2018, head to Xtropolis to take part in the Demo Power Hour — 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday; 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday — where there will be even more live demoes.

On Monday, have a few drinks with us at the Happy Hour, and then come to the Robotics Industry Meet-Up Reception at Rosa Mexicano in the Innovation District from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Register now, and we look forward to seeing you!