February 25, 2016      

Most of 2016 still lies ahead of us, but planning is in full force for the coming months, and time always seems to fly by. Before your schedule is fully booked, be sure to check out the RoboBusiness Europe conference, taking place in Odense, Denmark, from June 1 to 3.

Companies, end users, researchers, and venture capitalists from around Europe and the world will come together for three days of intense knowledge sharing, networking and relationship building. Here are the top five reasons you don’t want to miss this event!

1. Experience the newest technology at the exhibition

More than 100 companies from around the globe will be exhibiting at RoboBusiness Europe, demonstrating the latest technologies within the robotics industry.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to interact with key players, talk to some of the leading companies in their fields and see demonstrations of what they are doing, and learn from research institutes and universities about the new technologies being developed.

You might even find a partner for your own projects!

The list of exhibitors is growing each week. You can already look forward to the following:

  • Key industry players, such as Jetta Company (Hong Kong), Fanuc (Japan), Universal Robots (Denmark), Stork Drives (Sweden), F&P Personal Robotics (Switzerland), Intermodalics (Belgium), Maschinenbau Kern (Germany), Schneider Electric (France), Harmonic Drive (U.S.), Beckhoff Automation (Germany), Data Respons (Norway), and many more.
  • Startup companies that are small but promising, such as Bridge Robotics (Portugal), Nordby Systems (Denmark), or Kubo Robot (Denmark).
  • Universities and research institutes, like Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), the University of Southern Denmark, and Bristol Robotics Laboratory (U.K.).

2. The Matchmaking Program enables business development

RoboBusiness Europe’s No. 1 goal is to help companies and institutions develop and grow — and the Matchmaking Program is a powerful tool to do just that.

As part of the conference, you can access on-site information about other attendees via your phone, iPad, or computer. You’ll be able to book meetings yourself on the fly, or RoboBusiness Europe can help set up relevant networking opportunities for you before you arrive.

This is a great opportunity to forge meaningful, useful relationships — networking at its finest!

3. See our international speakers

This year, RoboBusiness Europe will have more than 100 international experts from various industries. There are already speakers lined up from across Europe, Japan, and the U.S. covering a range of topics.

The conference has four main tracks, which you can choose to follow linearly throughout the three days, or weave back and forth among them. The choice is yours!

Henrik Christensen

Some keynote speakers you can look forward to include:

    • Henrik Christensen — Professor of computer science and KUKA Chair of Robotics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, advisor to President Obama on robotics technology
      Christensen will be speaking about a new robotics roadmap that is being prepared in the U.S. and discuss many of the new avenues of research that are being considered.He will touch on how this research will not only generate new intellectual property, but also be deployed in companies for economic impact.

Robert High

    • Robert High — IBM fellow and vice president/chief technology officer of Watson Solutions, IBM Software Group
      Do you remember in 2011 when the Watson supercomputer defeated all human competitors on the quiz show Jeopardy? That was IBM Software Group.High will speak about cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, the area that he focuses on and has spent many years and much effort developing.
Hiroshi Ishiguro
    • Hiroshi Ishiguro — Japanese roboticist, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University
      Ishiguro is an expert in robot development, focusing primarily on the idea of making a robot as similar to a live human as possible.He will describe his efforts in creating these lifelike androids, what they can be used for now as well as in the future.

Ingrid SchjOlberg

    • Ingrid SchjOlberg — Director at Ocean Science and Technology and professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
      SchjOlberg specializes in underwater robotics and will present on advances taking place in this field.She will provide a comprehensive overview of future solutions from various computational and engineering aspects and discuss how they are necessary to increase the level of autonomy, making underwater operations more cost-effective.

Andreas Mogensen
    • Andreas Mogensen — Danish engineer and astronaut
      Selected and trained by the European Space Agency, Mogensen was the first Dane to fly in space, in Sept. 2015.He will talk about his experiences during his exploration mission, including remote controlling a robot in space developed at the European Space Agency from Earth.

Brad Beach

    • Brad Beach — Unmanned systems expert
      A former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps with over 30 years of aviation experience, Beach has now come to Odense, where he is currently the director of the Unmanned Aerial Systems center at the University of Southern Denmark.He will give a presentation entitled, “The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Unmanned Systems: Air, Ground, Sea, and Space.” Beach will explore the exponential technology advancements that are shaping drones across environments.

Esben Ostergaard

  • Esben Ostergaard — co-founder of Universal Robotics
    One of the people who founded Universal Robotics S/A in 2005, Ostergaard is now the company’s chief technology officer. UR has been pursuing the goal of making robotics technology more user-friendly and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.He will speak about human-robot collaboration and his predictions for a huge expansion in industrial automation.

See more about the various experts who will share their insights into different areas of robotics here.

4. Our location is a major European robotics hub

Why Denmark, and why Odense? Because it is the perfect location for robotics professionals to assemble and industry knowledge-sharing to take place.

Since its foundation in the year 988, Odense has been one of the leading cities in Denmark. Today, with the transformation from industry to high technology, Odense has become a major business hub for robotics, not only in Denmark, but also in all of Europe.

Many robotics companies are headquartered here, such as Universal Robots, Scape Technologies A/S, and Mobile Industrial Robots ApS, as well as various universities with specialized programs in robotics.

At RoboBusiness Europe 2016, you will have the opportunity to visit some of these leading institutions, see up close what they are doing, and experience the Danish work environment firsthand.

Explore the University of Southern Denmark, Odense Knowledge and Research Park, and Cortex Park, or see robotics advancements in action at Universal Robotics and the civil drone test center at Hans Christian Andersen Airport.

If one of your goals is to expand your business to the Nordic countries — or Europe as a whole — Denmark is a great place to do so. In 2015, Forbes ranked Denmark as the best country for business based on its top ranks in categories such as transparency and efficiency, innovation, technology, and market performance.

5. Feel the power of the RoboBusiness brand

RoboBusiness Europe is not just any robotics conference — whether you are coming as an attendee, a speaker, or an exhibitor, you will find the content, networking opportunities, and the experience of seeing Odense firsthand a rewarding experience.

RoboBusiness is an established and respected brand in the industry, always bringing credible, exciting and informative content to you, as well as exhibiting companies and attendees from some of the top organizations and institutions working with robotics.

Supported by U.S.-based EH Publishing (parent company of Robotics Business Review) and part of the greater RoboBusiness family, we are expanding each year and are refining our program to better help you grow your business.

June 2016 marks the fourth year for RoboBusiness Europe and will be an especially exciting event.

Formerly a subsidiary of Denmark’s Blue Ocean Robotics in Oct. 2015, RoboBusiness Europe established itself as an independent company, providing the conference with even more dedicated resources and the opportunity to invest more into this major global event.

Our conference will bring an even stronger, more influential resource for the European robotics market than ever before!

Find out more and register today at RoboBusiness.eu.