Cutting-Edge AI, Robotics Sessions & Demos Highlight LiveWorx 19
May 13, 2019      

BOSTON – LiveWorx has partnered once again with Robotics Business Review on the AI & Robotics educational track at this year’s event, June 10-13, to be held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

LiveWorx 19 is the definitive event for digital transformation and marketplace for solutions engineered for the new era of industrial innovation. Driven by this year’s theme, “Augmented Workforce: Taking Human Capabilities to New Heights,” LiveWorx 19 features all the latest tech that will make you more efficient, and it’s all accessible in one place.

Here are just a few of the sessions you’ll find on the AI & Robotics agenda:

Future Perfect? How Intelligent Machines Are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai, JBMC
Artificial intelligence is powering the breakneck transition from the Information Age to the Age of Intelligent Machines that is going to bring about profound changes in business, society, and everyday life. In the not so distant future, AI technologies will be pervasive in almost every new product and service. Autonomous vehicles, robots, and other types of intelligent machines promise to automate processes and boost efficiencies, create new disruptive products and services, and improve the quality of life of many individuals. During this presentation, the presenter will offer his perspective about the promise and perils of AI and machine learning technologies. He will explain the principles of AI and machine learning technologies, what they can and cannot do (at least not in the foreseeable future), and the threats, both real and perceived, posed by autonomous machines in a future dominated by AI.

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Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning

Chris Benson, Lockheed Martin

Chris Benson

The accelerating advancement of emerging tech is rendering existing business models obsolete. Digital transformation is itself being disrupted and transformed by the commoditization and accessibility of artificial intelligence, realized in the form of deep learning. Deep learning will fundamentally change every industry on the planet, and will drive AI-enabled digital transformation for years to come. Success requires an AI strategy that can accommodate business drivers, data engineering, model architecture, enterprise infrastructure, service integration, and innovative human-to-AI interfaces. This session will explore AI strategy to power digital transformation, its inherent logistics, and will help you to discover how digital transformation can be realized by integrating deep learning into a modern enterprise architecture. 

Driving Ridiculous Speed At A Large Enterprise: Stories From the Trenches

Mark Parkinson, Mars, Inc.
This session takes a deep look inside Mars’ digital transformation with interesting stories of success, failure & human amplification in the context of one of the most human corporate cultures. DigitalMars is all about equipping associates to move 100 times faster. We are investing in business programs, new business models, digital capabilities, & core technologies to help our associates accelerate execution, work efficiently, & pursue new growth opportunities. We’ve defined a Mars Digital Engine that includes: 1. Finding the problem using design thinking, 2. Solve the problem with data, analytics, AI & next-generation technologies, 3. Automate the solution (to free ourselves to find new problems) Mars has 11,000 associates engaged with our design thinking program & hundreds of groups have immersed themselves in driving the design thinking movement in the context of the problems they are trying to solve, keeping the consumer & end-user at the center of their analysis.

Fear Not the Bot: These 21 Jobs of the Future Will Require Human Skills & Sensibilities

Paul Roehrig, Cognizant

The rising tide of AI and automation has sparked fears of a jobless future. While some jobs and individual work tasks will disappear over time, there will be lots for humans to do. It just won’t be the work we’re doing today. The Cognizant Center for the Future of Work estimates that approximately 21 million new jobs will be created in the next decade by augmenting human skills and sensibilities with emerging forms of artificial intelligence and automation. Many of these jobs will provide meaningful work and living wages for those willing to re-imagine the future and reskill to tap into a raft of new opportunities. Paul Roehrig, Global Head of Strategy, Cognizant Digital Business, and co-author of What to Do When Machines Do Everything will discuss the Center’s research surrounding the 21 Jobs of the Future. Roehrig will discuss how organizations can balance automation with passion, empathy and creative energy that only humans can bring to the workplace.

How Robotics Brings Digital Twins to Life

Ozge Whiting, Avitas Systems Inc.

Digital twins and data analytics work best when fed with comprehensive, live operational data. That’s a challenge in large facilities like refineries, chemical plants, and pipeline systems, where much of the infrastructure is dispersed outdoors and difficult to monitor with stationary sensors. This session will discuss how robots can act as mobile sensor platforms to provide critical data that analytic systems need to help managers optimize assets and quickly pinpoint problems before they become critical. The panelists will also explore current and future trends in data analytics, digital twin, and field service management. Other topics will include video and image analytics, change detection management, risk-based analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and inspection service transformation.

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