newme concept OhmniLabs

Image: ANA Holdings

October 15, 2019      

TOKYO – OhmniLabs today announced it was participating at the 2019 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (aka CEATEC), to be held this week in Chiba, Japan. In addition, the company said it would be participating in ANA Holdings’ exhibit as a partner for the company’s ANA AVATAR project, which highlights telerobotics innovations.

At the CEATEC event, OhmniLabs will be part of the “A City in 2030 – Society 5.0 TOWN” exhibition. As part of the ANA Holdings exhibit, ANA is planning to unveil an all-new AVATAR robot “newme” to mark the next phase of the project. Engineered and manufactured by OhnniLabs with its advanced additive manufacturing process and modular architecture, the new robot is specifically designed for the Japanese market based on years of ANA’s research and experience on connecting people across the globe. The AVATAR project, also known as Avatar In,  aims to integrate multiple exponential technologies, including robotics, haptics, AR/VR, and AT, to “enable humanity to instantaneously teleport their presence, consciousness, knowledge and skills to a remote location.”

OhmniLabs said CEATEC attendees will be able to interact with the company’s Ohmni Cobot Arms. Made with an ultralight liquid crystal polymer cable drive and custom brushless motor controllers, the Ohmni Cobot project aims to make the lightest harm with human-scale payload capabilities. At the show, OhnniLabs will introduce the second generation of the system, with an updated unibody shoulder, improved strength, and a 50% increase in motion speed. Powered by OhmniLabs’ proprietary telepresence cloud technology, the arms can be teleoperated and trained for automated tasks from anywhere in the world, letting humans perform dangerous and heavy duty tasks from a distance.

“Our strategic partners in Japan have been instrumental in our growth, and attending CEATEC is an important step for us to showcase our expertise in robotics, AI, and additive manufacturing in the Japanese market,” said Thuc Vu, co-founder and CEO at OhmniLabs. “We are also grateful for ANA’s support and partnership. The passion for connectivity regardless of distance is the reason why we started building telepresence robots at OhmniLabs, and we are excited to see the impact of this project on connecting humans across the globe.”

Santa Clara, Calif.-based OhmniLabs focuses on providing demand-driven robotics solutions for businesses, with a library of tech modules, cloud AI and robotics services. Its proprietary ultra-lean development and manufacturing processes let the company innovate at “unmatched speed, cost, and margin compared to other robotics companies.” The company was founded in 2015 by robotics experts Jared Go, Tingxi Tan, and serial entrepreneur Thuc Vu.