ProMat and Automate Show Guide: Robot Company Showcase

The ProMat show floor. Source: MHI/ProMat

April 02, 2019      

If you’re attending the ProMat 2019 or Automate 2019 event (they’re collocated) in Chicago in a few weeks, it may be easy to get lost among the more than 45,000 attendees expected to arrive at Chicago’s McCormick Place from April 8-11. Even if you don’t get lost, you could end up getting side-tracked watching a magician, attending educational sessions, or just marveling at the latest technologies and innovations in the manufacturing, robotics, supply chain and logistics space.

In previous posts, we’ve provided readers with some ideas around specific keynote and educational sessions to attend, along with some other fun stuff to do at the shows. In this guide, we’re giving you an overview of some of the key companies exhibiting at the event, and what they’re showing.

We plan on updating this as we receive more information from the companies, so come back during the days leading up to the show to make sure you have the latest information.

Company Booth # Show Description
6 River Systems S3983 ProMat The fulfillment automation provider will display its “Chuck” collaborative mobile warehouse robot and new Mobile Sort sortation solution. Read more here.
Applied Motion Products 8147 Automate Will show off its latest motor, stepper drive and servo drive technology, including MDX Integrated Servo Motors, StepSERVO Integrated Motors, the STF Stepper Drives, and SV200 Digital Servo Drives.
AutoStore S3923 ProMat Will demonstrate its Black Line of cube storage automation system for companies looking to reduce their warehouse footprint and meet demand for a high throughput system.
Badger Technologies N6124 (Electrovaya booth) ProMat The company will display its autonomous robot alongside Electrovaya’s lithium ion battery system deisgned to optimize energy, cycle life, and safety.
Balyo N6951 ProMat Will feature the French company’s Driven by Balyo software intelligence technology, which outfits standard forklift trucks with a LIDAR scanner and proprietary software to enable robots to self-locate.
Brain Corp ProMat Plans to announce a new form factor during the show. The company provides ‘brains’ for autonomous mobile robots, including commercial floor cleaners.
EPSON Robots 7566 Automate Plans to show its line of SCARA and 6-Axis robots, as well as introduce three new robotics solutions, and lead a discussion for users new to factory automation.
GreyOrange S3275 ProMat Plans to showcase its new Flexo modular sortation system, and demonstrate upgraded versions of its Butler and PickPal robots.
Honeywell Intelligrated S618A ProMat Planning a press conference to announce new automated material handling technologies, including live demos of a robotic unloader, robotic piece picking, and goods-to-robot system. Also will discuss collaborations with Carnegie Mellon University, Soft Robotics, and Fetch Robotics.
Humatics 8370 Automate The microlocation company launched its KinetIQ 100 and 300 product lines in September 2018, and will also demonstrate a 1D crane application, a KinetIQ 300-enabled AGV, and updates to the OS software platform.
IAM Robotics S4679 ProMat The robotics company will showcase its latest advances in autonomous navigation, mobile manipulation, aimed at the e-commerce and warehousing markets, along with some new products.
Kindred N6351 ProMat Will showcase its latest robotics technology with artificial intelligence, including its picking robot SORT, which has human-like grasping capabilities and separates multi-SKU batches into individual customer orders.
Kollmorgen 6973 Automate The motion systems component manufacturer will show off its servo boxing robots, as well as give demonstrations of its AKD2G and AKM2G product lines, its AKD2G Servo Drive, and AKM26 Servo Motors, along with frameless motor demonstrations and its robotic gearmotor demonstration.
KUKA 7556 Automate The intelligent automation solutions global supplier will display a selection of its transformative automation technologies and solutions demonstrating human-robot collaboration. Demos will display the different ways manufacturers can use collaborative robots to save costs, enhance productivity and address business challenges.
Locus Robotics S3212 ProMat In addition to showing off its ecommerce fulfillment autonomous mobile robots, RBR Editor-in-Chief Keith Shaw will be appearing at the booth on Wednesday, April 10, to discuss the mobile robot landscape.
Material Handling Systems N6539 ProMat Will showcase automated equipment such as conveyors, sortation, and robotics, including a robotic singulation solution. Also planning a press conference on Tuesday, April 9, at their booth.
Omron Automation Americas 8737 Automate Will present its Factory Harmony exhibit, a multifaceted display that provides a vision of the manufacturing floor of the future. Each demo in the exhibit is designed to illustrate ways in which machines can collaborate more effectively with humans on the factory floor. The company’s TM Series collaborative robot and LD Series of mobile robots will be on display.
OnRobot 6773 Automate Launching its new Digital I/O Converter Kit, to support integration of its grippers with a wider range of collaborative robots and traditional robotic arms.
PINC S4279 ProMat The yard management software system and inventory robotics (drones) provider will display its latest products and services.
RightHand Robotics S2397 ProMat The company is one of the finalists for an MHI Innovation award, and will be demonstrating its RightPick2 and a put wall system integrated with RightPick2 at its booth. The company is also showing systems at partner booths Kuecker (S3912A), EuroSort (S3627), Tompkins Robotics (S4250), and SDI (S3953B)
Robotiq 7165 Automate The company will display some new products that it plans to announce on Monday, April 8.
ROEQ 8459 Automate Showing the TR500 Top Roller, which automates loading and unloading operations for the MiR500 mobile robot from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
Soft Robotics 8163 Automate Showcasing its new adaptable, flexible gripping system, mGrip, as well as other robotic automation solutions. Also partnering with Honeywell Intelligrated and Shuttleworth to demonstrate fully autonomous, integrated order fulfillment solutions for the ‘factory of the future.’
Stäubli 7150 Automate Showing its new line of TS2 SCARA robots and HelMo, its new mobile robot system. The company will also exhibit a smart production line to show how connected robots can collaborate with humans in an Industry 4.0 setting
Tompkins Robotics S4250 ProMat Demonstrations of its t-Sort autonomous mobile robot system for order fulfillment, along with partnerships with MonarchFx, RightHand Robotics, and SensorThink.
Universal Robots 7154 Automate The company will feature four different application clusters for machine tending, packaging, assembly, and processing. The company will also demonstrate UR+ products and partners. Read more here.
Vecna Robotics S4583 ProMat In addition to some news announcements at the show, the company will display its fifth-generation autonomous Tugger and new Pallet Jack robot, along with its AI software.
Waypoint Robotics S3588 ProMat Plans to make a news announcement, as well as offer live demonstrations of its Vector, Vector 3D and other omnidirectional mobile industrial robots aimed at the manufacturing and logistics markets.
Yale Materials Handling S3603 ProMat Will display their robotic lift truck technology, and also plans on showcasing a new robotic model. A press conference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, at 9:45 a.m. at the company’s booth.
Yaskawa 7144 Automate Will show its smart series suite of products, including a collaborative robot (power and force limiting), the industry’s smallest and lightest six-axis robot, and a user-friendly touchscreen teach pendant, among other offerings.


Companies in the supply chain and logistics space that also have booths at the show reached out to us, here’s a quick list of their locations and offerings:

  • Trelleborg Wheel Systems (booth S4847 at ProMat) is introducing three new tire compounds at the show, designed to provide users with increased productivity, safety, sustainability, and value, including ProTEX (electrically conducting, non-marking compound); ProHD (heavy duty compound for increasing load capacity), and Heat Shield (flame-retardant super premium compound).
  • Signode Industrial Group (S1641 at ProMat), will show off StorFast, a cart-based high density automated storage and retrieval system, incline with its Octopus automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper.
  • Scandit (S3486 at ProMat), showing off its mobile computer vision and augmented reality technology and how it speeds up supply chain workflows.
  • Newcastle Systems (S4168 at ProMat) will show its new QC Series Mobile Powered Workstation, which aims to reduce worker motion, product transportation and improve productivity for employees.
  • Patterson Fan (S5008 at ProMat) will show off its new High-5 HVLS ceiling fan, a 43-inch frame that is 10 inches shorter, aimed at warehouses and manufacturing plants with lower ceiling heights.