RBR50 2018 Call for Nominations -- Is Your Company a Robotics Leader?

April 23, 2018      

For the past five years, Robotics Business Review readers have looked to our RBR50 list to see which companies are leading the global industry. From established providers of industrial automation to artificial intelligence upstarts, we’ve covered them all! We’re now looking for RBR50 2018 companies!

We’re looking for robotics businesses that make truly innovative products, have achieved commercial success, and have transformed end-user markets. Is your organization one of them? Are you a supplier, integrator, or end user who’d like to recommend a partner?

Benefits of being an RBR50 company

In addition to bragging rights, those who make this year’s list will get updated pages in our database that call them out as RBR50 2018 companies. Past companies have reported major investments and deals that they’ve made as a result of the enhanced visibility we’ve provided!

We’ll also be following RBR50 companies throughout the year, and we’ll be sharing news, press releases, and end-user case studies about them on Robotics Business Review. In addition, RBR50 2018 list members that exhibit at our flagship RoboBusiness event on Sept. 26 and 27 in Santa Clara, Calif., will get special signage.

Our sales team, led by Ron Trznadel, can further explain the benefits of advertising and event participation, as well as sponsored content including articles, reports, and webcasts.

Nomination criteria

Comparing companies across the breadth of automation can be difficult, so this year, we’re looking for top businesses in the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence — Broadly speaking, this includes AI, cloud robotics, deep learning, the Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning, and advanced software. How is your AI being applied to industrial uses and smart and connected systems?
  • Autonomous vehicles — In addition to self-driving cars, this includes commercial aerial drones, autonomous marine systems, and unmanned ground vehicles. As with AI, they should have a business application, such as construction, delivery, or infrastructure inspection.
  • Components — We’re looking for the makers of best-in-class actuators, controls, grippers, processors, sensors, and motors. Complete robotic solutions of all shapes, sizes, and purposes can’t work without them.
  • Manufacturing — Long the mainstay of industrial automation, robotics for manufacturing has grown to include 3D printing or additive manufacturing, collaborative robots, and more.
  • Supply chain — The most rapidly growing area of robotics includes autonomous mobile platforms and manipulators for pick-and-place operations. What’s next for e-commerce order fulfillment, logistics, supply chains, and warehousing?

Of course, your firm might serve multiple markets, but you’ll have to designate a primary one in your submission.

While Robotics Business Review does cover other technologies, startups, and markets, including agriculture, healthcare, and security, we want to compile a focused list that’s relevant and useful to you, our readers.

Engineers, investors, integrators, and chief robotics officers adopting automation can all benefit from our RBR50 list, regular articles and webcasts, and events. RBR Insiders get full access to all our articles and reports.

RBR50 2018 process

The call for RBR50 2018 nominations is open from now until May 14, 2018. Companies need only one submission each.

Our panel of judges includes Robotics Business Review and RoboBusiness staff and our advisory committee of robotics experts and practitioners. It will carefully review all of the submissions, so they should be as complete as possible.

We’ll be announcing the RBR50 2018 companies at our Robotics & AI Summit @ LiveWorx ’18, which will be in Boston from June 17 to 20. A downloadable PDF will include this year’s list, analysis of recent robotics trends, and a look back at past members.

Submit your nomination now, and we look forward to sharing the RBR50 2018 list with everyone. Good luck to all of this year’s nominees!