RoboBusiness Expo Floor Preview: New Products, Demos, and Tech Talks
September 24, 2019      

At RoboBusiness 2019, there’s a bevy of activities between additional speaking sessions apart from the main conference, as well as exhibitors showing off new products within the robotics ecosystem. Here’s a quick roundup of the booths and sessions you won’t want to miss on the show floor:

Harmonic Drive (booth #205)

The high-precision motion control maker announced new gear units with extra-large through hole and compact outer dimensions. The new FBS-2UH series, a flat, pancake-style gear unit, will be on display at the event. The new gear features a large, hollow shaft with a compact outer diameter, which is ideal for robots and machines that require complex cabling to pass through the axis of rotation. The new gear design features Harmonic Drive’s “S” tooth profile for optimal tooth engagement, which results in high torque, high-torsional stiffness, long life and smooth rotation. Precision cross roller bearing incorporated into the design supports the external load. The FBS Series is available in two sizes (25 and 32) and two ratios (30:1 and 50:1).

Harmonic Drive will also show its recently launched FHA-C Mini Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive, which cuts down on wiring, weight and space requirements for robot makers.

Kollmorgen (booth #519)

The motion systems provider will showcase its housed rotary servo, frameless, and stepper motors, including the KBM and TBM lines. The company’s motors are optimized for fit and performance with industry standard strain wave gearing, and torque density, enabling smaller, lighter, and faster robots. Markets for the company’s offerings include collaborative robots, industrial articulated robots, and medical robots, as well as mobile robots, carts, tuggers, and self-driving forklifts.

expo floor robobusiness preview

A demonstration of the police vehicle robot from GoBetween Robotics will be on the expo floor at RoboBusiness 2019. Image: GoBetween Robotics

GoBetween Robotics (near expo stage)

GoBetween Robotics, a spinout of SRI International (booth #204), will be demonstrating a robot that aims to make traffic stops safer for police officers. Developed by Reuben Brewer, a senior robotics research engineer for SRI, the robot takes the place of an officer during a traffic stop. Attached to the police vehicle, the robot replacement lets the officer stay in their own vehicle while still handling the violation, assuring everyone is safe during the stop. With more than 100 motorists and officers killed each year due to traffic stop issues, the goal of the robot is to make these interactions safer for motorists and officers.

OhmniLabs (booth #617)

The modular robotics company will showcase its robots as well as provide updates for the second generation of its Robotics Developer Edition. The company is also planning an Expo Theater session titled “Building the Future’s Service Robots with Demand-driven Robotics as a Service”, scheduled for 11:15 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 3.

Thales Visionix (booth  #511)

The company will show off its NavChip Series 3 Intertial Measurement Units, which now offers high-precision Class A and Class B options. The IMUs are design for robotic applications such as control, wheeled or tracked ground vehicles, and drone navigation, especially in GPS-denied environments. Read more here.

In addition, the company will present at the Expo Theater at 2 p.m. on Wed., Oct. 2, in a session titled “Thales Visionix NavChip Family of Internal Measurements Units Enable High-Performance Robotic System Applications”.

Waypoint Robotics (booth #316)

The maker of autonomous mobile robots will be showcasing their family of industrial strength robots, including the Vector (600-lb. capacity), and the recently introduced MAV3K, which can smoothly carry up to 3,000 pounds. Along with Wibotic (booth #319, conveniently located across the aisle), Waypoint will be demonstrating the EnZone wireless charging system.

Locus Robotics (booth #516)

The provider of AMRs for the e-commerce and fulfillment space will be showing their latest mobile robots at their booth. In addition, Al Dekin, Locus’ senior vice president of sales, will take part in a panel discussion about robotics and automation in the supply chain, at 10:15 a.m. on Oct. 2 in the main conference. Joined by Corey Cook from Lockheed Martin and Robert Bollinger from Procter & Gamble, the presentation will cover emerging technologies disrupting the supply chain, to discussions on hard ROI numbers and labor/safety ramifications.

Expo Theater Sessions

Over the course of RoboBusiness, we will be presenting Tech Talks and other sessions that include live technical presentations, demonstrations, interviews, and Q&As with leaders in the robotics industry. Here’s a quick sample:

  • The Robotics Edge: Presented by Roger Barga, Amazon AWS Robotics group. Wed., Oct. 2, 12 p.m. (See story here).
  • Automation of Data Collection for Business Insights: Presented by Formant. Wed., Oct. 2, 2:30 p.m.
  • Teaching Robots to be Polite Using Artificial Intelligence: Presented by Stanford University. Wed., Oct. 2, 3:30 p.m., and Thurs., Oct. 3, at 3 p.m.
  • Meet the 2019 Pitchfire winner: Presented by Robotics Business Review, Thurs., Oct. 3, 10:30 a.m.
  • Robots as a Platform: Presented by Misty Robotics. Thurs., Oct. 3, 2 p.m.
  • The Future of Open Source Software Development Frameworks for Robot Development: Presented by Amazon AWS. Thurs., Oct. 3, at 2:15 p.m.
  • How Will Autonomous Robotics Revolutionize Manufacturing: Presented by Omnirobotic. Thurs., Oct. 3, 2:45 p.m.

Roundtable sessions

For a more informal discussion with peers and experts, RoboBusiness is presenting two roundtable sessions on the expo floor:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2:30 p.m.
    • Preparing Your Products for Exporting: Cindy Ma, international trade specialist, from the U.S. Commercial Service, San Jose, Calif.
    • Inspiring Students, One Robot at a Time: Nancy McIntyre, regional manager for the Robotics Education Foundation.