Robotics and IoT Video Highlights From the Robotics & AI Summit at LiveWorx ’18

Session by Honeywell's Chris Benson on AI at the Robotics & AI Summit in Boston. Credit: Matt Wagner

June 27, 2018      

At last week’s Robotics & AI Summit at LiveWorx in Boston, attendees could learn about the latest in augmented and virtual reality, the industrial Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. We’ve already discussed some highlights from the show, but here’s more about AI, robotics and IoT!

Whether you attended LiveWorx but didn’t get to see everything or have followed this event from afar, here are some videos about what we saw and heard around advanced manufacturing, collaborative robots, and workforce concerns.

Live from the Robotics & AI Summit

In our webcast and the highlight reel below, we look at the many elements of our successful show. They included PTC’s spectacular keynotes; sessions with experts from industry, academia, and government; and multiple fun networking events. Physicist Michio Kaku and Ant-Man‘s Paul Rudd provided some star power to the proceedings.

PTC’s event has evolved from a user conference to a major gathering of hardware and software designers and makers. Automation is increasingly becoming part of every business, from manufacturing and logistics to back-office operations and customer service.

Robotics & AI Summit attendees could learn at various workshops, compare notes at roundtables, and meet with peers and experts across a variety of technologies. Our Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) Network luncheon featured a discussion about the legal challenges around the adoption of robotics and IoT.

AR/VR, robotics and IoT arrive in Xtropolis

In the Xtropolis expo hall, we saw the convergence of AR/VR, robotics and IoT that PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann described in his opening keynote. Robotics Business Review‘s editors got to see firsthand how additive manufacturing, advanced design software, and new human-machine interfaces can benefit manufacturing and other sectors.

For example, in the video below, Senior Editor Eugene Demaitre spoke with Aaron Oliker, co-founder of BioDigital Inc., which applies virtual reality and 3D modeling to help surgeons learn how to repair cleft lips and palates. By working with the Smile Train charity, Oliker hopes to democratize treatment of common birth defects worldwide.

AR and VR promise to make it easier to transfer knowledge for surgery, machine tending, and other complex tasks, combining the repeatability of automation with the flexibility of human workers.

Welcome to the RBR50 class of 2018!

We were pleased to see that the hardcopies of this year’s report on the RBR50 companies were well-received at LiveWorx. Some of the most innovative, influential, and successful robotics companies from around the world were among the exhibitors in the Robotics Pavilion in Xtropolis.

Mobile robot vendors such as Locus, Seegrid, and Vecna, as well as cobot leader Universal Robots, showed off their wares, and RBR Edtiors Keith Shaw and Eugene Demaitre discussed the challenge of selecting just a few companies in the video below.

We’ll be talking more about the RBR50 companies in an upcoming webcast, but in the meantime, RBR Insiders can gain subscriber-only access to certain reports and our databases, allowing them to sort through companies and transactions. We’re already looking forward to our flagship RoboBusiness conference in Silicon Valey in September!