August 30, 2017      

In just a month, RoboBusiness 2017 will be convening in Santa Clara, Calif. On Sept. 27 and 28, 2017, we’ll be discussing how organizations like yours can successfully build and use robotics.

As co-chair of this year’s gathering, I’d like to invite you to join us! We’re working hard to make sure that we share the best of how to advance business with automation. Why attend? Here are some reasons:

1. It’s the premiere event for the entire automation ecosystem

For 13 years now, RoboBusiness has been the place where everyone — including inventors, suppliers, and major multinationals — has gathered. If you want to learn from people who have profitably developed or applied robotics, artificial intelligence, and unmanned systems, this is the place. If you want to hear firsthand from your peers and visionary technologists, you need to come to RoboBusiness!

2. Keynotes from household names

Robots may be the unseen drones striving for efficiency in factories, warehouses, and elsewhere, but the most interesting piece of any new and changing technology is the human element. From Disney’s Martin Buehler and NASA’s Terry Fong to DHL’s Justin Ha and Fetch Robotics’ Melonee Wise, many leaders will be sharing their experiences and insights at RoboBusiness 2017. From theme parks and outer space to just around the corner, see how robotics and AI are transforming every facet of the global economy and society.

3. RoboBusiness plays matchmaker for startups and investors

If you’re hoping to create the next Roomba or Alexa — or to find it, fund it, and reap the returns — you’ll have a chance to rub elbows with innovators and venture capitalists in our Startup Zone. Those hoping for more one-on-one consultations should sign up for our VC Office Hours. And, of course, there’s the ever-popular Pitchfire contest (more on that below).

Visit the Expo Hall Stage at RoboBusiness 2017

4. Focus on solving end-user business problems

In past years, we’ve organized our sessions around vertical markets or developing technologies. This year, we’ve designed our programming to address business problems across industries, including at small and midsize enterprises.

In particular, our tracks on “Adopting and Implementing Robotics” and “How to Get ROI From Robotics” will examine where to apply automation and how to make sure it’s delivering as promised. At the same time, we’ll be sharing numerous case studies in manufacturing and logistics, since that’s where automation is growing fastest.

5. CRO Summit to share management tips

Our half-day event on Tuesday, Sept. 26, is an exclusive set of discussions for chief robotics officers and others charged with overseeing automation in their enterprises. Whether you’re in the corner office or managing robots on the shop floor, you can trade tips at the CRO Summit before RoboBusiness proper even begins!

6. AI isn’t just coming; it’s here

Industrial automation and machine learning used to be separate things, but no longer. Our track on “What Can AI and IoT Do for You?” looks at the growing connections among improved sensors, cognitive computing, and the Internet of Things. Even the best robotic pick-and-place system or analytics software is wasted potential without guidance from people who understand their own business goals.

Meet cutting-edge robotics providers at RoboBusiness 2017.

7. Visit vendors and talks in the Expo Hall

We have some treats for this year’s attendees and day visitors, many of whom come from around Silicon Valley. In addition to the fine exhibitors and demos on the show floor, we’ll also have programming from NASA, key vendors, and startup-related content on our Expo Hall Stage and Startup Stage.

You’ll have a chance to meet the best robotics component providers, some of whom will also be in our sessions on “Robotics Nuts and Bolts for Your Business.” We’ll be posting more details to the RoboBusiness site soon!

8. Thinking globally, acting locally

As with our regular coverage on Robotics Business Review and Robotics Trends, the conference will have a balance of entrepreneurs from California and attendees and speakers from around the world.

For instance, our panel on “Growing the Robotics Landscape — Regional Comparisons” is a rare chance to see representatives from Silicon Valley, metro Boston, and Pittsburgh as they explain what makes each region special. Governments and businesses everywhere are trying to figure out the formula for nurturing local industry. Also, check out our sessions on intellectual property protection, workforce issues, and investment trends.

9. Pitchfire provides insights into the next big things

Often imitated, our Pitchfire competition will give startup finalists a few minutes each to present their ideas before being questioned by our expert panel of judges. Past participants, including Soft Robotics and Kobi Co., last year’s winner, have gone on to more funding and successful commercialization.

RoboBusiness Announces 2017 Keynote Speaker

10. Meet the team!

In addition to providing an opportunity to meet with all the noteworthy robotics and AI leaders mentioned above, RoboBusiness is a rare chance to let us know directly what you’d like to see at upcoming events and on our sites! We’re working to align our coverage to help your business thrive with automation.

If you haven’t already registered, now’s the time to do so! I hope to see you at RoboBusiness!

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