May 01, 2016      

Know thy event: As the leading business conference event in the robotics industry for twelve years running, we’ve come to learn very well why our attendees come to RoboBusiness and why they return year after year. When the doors open for RoboBusiness 2016 in San Jose in September, we’ll have the distinct honor of hosting 2,000 attendees from over 29 countries worldwide for the best two days of robotics networking ever. Yes, ever!

We always set the bar high for ourselves. That’s why RoboBusiness has become one of the best-known and most eclectic exchanges of ideas and encounters in all of technology. When you join us this September, you’ll instantly understand why. The RoboBusiness planning staff has been waiting for you to arrive and has planned a very cool two days of immersion into the technology and business of robotics.


We know what you’re looking for

  1. We know that you are looking to LEARN where the robotics industry is headed from the dozens of expert presenters on the RoboBusiness conference program.
  2. You are circulating through crowds of attendees, networking and want to CONNECT with just the right partners, collaborators, investors or thought leaders.
  3. If it’s your time or money, you want to INVEST knowing for sure that the right people and right tech are there for you.
  4. You’ll want the chance to DISCOVER new perspectives, alternate solutions, and emerging companies.
  5. And you’ll want the ability to utilize all that you learned, connected with, and discovered while at RoboBusiness to INNOVATE on your own in order to keep yourself ahead of competitors
  6. And by all means, you’ll also want an atmosphere where serendipity can work its magic on your behalf.

RoboBusiness and the Age of Smart Automation

Come to San Jose, Calif., on Sept. 28 to 29, 2016, for a front-row preview of the Age of Smart Automaton, where robots are its royalty, where jobsites become their own networks, and where innovation takes place not in laboratories, but on the floors of factories.

Journey from session to session following the thread of Smart Automation as it envelopes and links surgical suites and healthcare delivery, transportation systems, logistics and supply chains, deep-sea pioneering, automated farmlands and orchards, civil infrastructure, security, retail operations, right on into our neighborhoods and our own living rooms.

Learn from the best how to:

  • Access exclusive insights from analysts and top developers
  • Identify new business opportunities and global trends
  • Build strategic relationships with the industry elite
  • Make informed technology purchasing decisions

“Being” RoboBusiness means learning from the best to be your best in a supercharged atmosphere where your needs have been planned for and catered to in great detail by an organization with a dozen years of expertise in throwing smart parties for smart people.

Two Smart Days with Smart People … at a Smart Price
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