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Image: Freedom Robotics

July 23, 2019      

SAN FRANCISCO – Freedom Robotics, which provides cloud-and on-device software for monitoring, control, and management of robots and robotic fleets, announced today it closed a $6.6 million seed round of funding. The company said it plans to use the money to continue development of its platform and “the hiring of top talent.”

The company said it takes on the “heavy lifting” of creating tools and infrastructure “that all robotics companies require, but are not core to their product or value creation.” By using the company’s software, robotics companies of all sizes can take their products to market 10x faster, “with half of the team and resources as compared to full-stack in-house development, directly resulting in a more efficient deployment of resources, stronger focus of top engineers on core product, and more opportunities to get to product-market fit sooner.”

The funding round was led by Initialized Capital, with participation from Toyota AI Ventures, Liquid 2 Ventures, Andrew Miklas from S28 Capital, and James Lindenbaum. Existing investors Green Cow Venture Capital, Justin Kan, Josh Buckley, Kevin Mahaffey, and Arianna Simpson also participated in the funding.

“We are incredibly proud of this milestone for our company,” said CEO Joshua Wilson. “Support from the top VC firms in the world like Initialized Capital, Toyota AI Ventures, and S28 Capital has further accelerated our team in providing the best tools, services, and infrastructure needed by new and veteran robotics companies to build, scale, and operate everything from prototypes to fleets of thousands of robots.”

‘First-mover advantage’

The company said its software is currently being used on robots across all industries, including agriculture, restaurants, factories, warehouse logistics, last-mile delivery networks, and others. “We’ll soon reach a point where there are more robots than cell phones, and we’ll need the ‘Microsoft of robotics’ platform to power such a massive market,” said Garry Tan, managing partner at Initialized Capital. “Freedom Robotics has a huge first-mover advantage and the collective past experience to be the team that stays in front of the tailwind and wins.”

The Freedom Robotics system consists of different features aimed to get robotics companies started at the prototyping stage, all the way through scaling up entire fleets globally. It includes the following features:

  • Monitoring: Users can constantly monitor what their robots are doing in unpredictable, real-world environments. Logging and monitoring across all robots in a fleet lets users view data streams, manage resources and performance, and diagnose issues in real time. Sharing between teams of developers, operators, and executives assists in the collaboration and resolution of issues.
  • Control: Secure, human-in-the-loop remote control lets users take over when issues arise on a robot. This capability includes an interface that is installed with a single line of code, Freedom Robotics said. Customizable input methods include tablets, game controllers, and an API for sending control commands directly to a robot or fleet.
  • Management: Data collected automatically from robots in a fleet are composed into the Freedom Robotics Mission Control dashboard, which visually renders 2D, 3D, Lidar, odometry, force, and other metrics, allowing for easier understanding and management of the complex robotic systems.
  • Analysis: Cloud-based analytics can pre-emptively identify issues, create performance reports, and offer large data sets for solutions in seconds. Because the data is recorded in the cloud, users can “rewind back and see exactly what a robot was doing down to the second, just like the black box in an airplane,” Freedom Robotics said.
Jim Adler Toyota AI Ventures

Jim Adler, Toyota AI Ventures

“Cloud learning will be a game changer for robotics, allowing the experience of one robot to be ‘taught’ to the rest on the network. We’ve been looking for startups with the technology and market savvy to realize this cloud robotics future through fleet management, control, and analytics,” said Jim Adler, Founding Managing Director at Toyota AI Ventures. “We were impressed with Freedom Robotics’ customer-first, comprehensive approach to managing and controlling fleets of robots, and look forward to supporting the Freedom team as they make cloud robotics a market reality.”

For more information about the system, head to the Freedom Robotics website.