December 10, 2013      

Aethon Inc., based in Pittsburgh, has revealed a new, patent-pending medication tracking delivery system using hospitals? existing pneumatic tube system, MedEx TubeTrack. Debuted at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists midyear conference in Orlando, TubeTrack was developed as part of Aethon?s MedEx product suite that monitors and controls real time medication delivery. TubeTrack aims to improve pneumatic tube systems, that while used extensively throughout hospitals, often result in missing or delayed dosages because they?re only accounted for once the medicine reaches the patient. Hospitals lose millions of dollars in productivity, inventory and safety, due to inefficient delivery systems. Without real-time tracking, medication frequently goes missing or is delayed, causing scheduling issues and discomfort and frustration for both patients and hospital staff, as well as serious safety concerns. Certain medications cannot be sent through the tube system without control and knowledge of what has passed through before it. TubeTrack, along with the MedEx suite, boosts the productivity and safety of a hospital?s existing pneumatic tube system through advanced tracking systems and checks to ensure the medicine reaches the right end recipient. Plus, easy integration and adoption means medical professionals can use TubeTrack effectively and refocus their attention where it belongs?not on missing medication, but on treatment of the patient. ?Hospital pharmacy directors need a way to ensure deliveries sent through their existing pneumatic tube system reach their intended recipient,? said Aldo Zini, president and CEO of Aethon. ?TubeTrack is a simple, yet effective solution to provide compliance and security control currently missing in a hospital?s pneumatic tube system. There is simply no other system like it anywhere.? Read more about Aethon Inc. on their RBR50 page.